With high schoolers across the country graduating in the next month, rampant senioritis is spreading across a majority of students. Motivation is draining, grades are tanking, and the only thing left on our minds is graduation.

Here's a look at how Twitter has been tracking the disease:

1. We never thought this would happen.

2. It’s been 4 years in the making.

3. In the last few months, we felt it getting into our systems.

4. Every college commitment made the condition worse.

5. Now, the disease is at its peak.

6. And we’re getting pretty reckless.

7. We're doing things we never used to.

8. Senioritis is affecting every part of our lives.

9. Even in the high school parking lot.

10. Most with the disease will still be able to graduate.

11. Then again, we always had many of the symptoms.

12. Spoiler alert: there's no cure.

Lead Image Credit: Twitter // @jennahertz