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May 18 2016
by Matt Gehring

15 Lessons We All Learned From High School

By Matt Gehring - May 18 2016

As the Class of 2016 graduates from high school, Twitter took a look back at all that we've learned from four years of high school with the hashtag #HighSchoolTaughtMe. Some lessons were sarcastic, others serious, but all were pretty much accurate. Here are our favorites:

1. Grades don't tell an accurate story.

2. Seriously, it's all a joke.

3. But somehow, grades still matter in high school.

4. That's why Quizlet is your friend.

5. And so is Sparknotes.

6. Never be late AND hungry.

7. Unless it means giving up the good seat.

8. Procrastination at its finest.

9. Even outside of school work.

10. Rumors are rampant.

11. High schoolers are vicious.

12. And even your friends might change.

13. But only the best of your friends really matter. 

14. You saved the best for last.

15. So never take a moment for granted.

Lead Image Credit: Joe Wolf // Flickr

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Matt Gehring - Syracuse University

Matt Gehring is a senior at Syracuse University studying television, radio, and film. He's into social media and a major pop culture junkie. Matt is Fresh U's Social Media Director and loves writing about what's trending. Follow him on Twitter: @mattryanx

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