Remember those student athletes in high school that took the jock life a little too seriously?

Nope? Let Twitter remind you with the greatest student athlete memes:

1. The grind is important.

2. Like, really freakin’ important.

3. And the grind never stops.

4. Student athletes work really hard.

5. They work so hard that they get thirsty.

6. And they get hungry, too.

7. Student athletes always chase their dreams.

8. And the chase is blinding, fam.

9. Somehow, Bible verses got involved.

10. Because the grind is everywhere.

11. Don’t make too much fun of student athletes.

12. Since one day, they’ll make it big.

13. Student athletes – a species of their own.

Stay grinding, fam.

Lead Image Credit: Twitter // @LaziestCanine