After all our hard work, long nights and attempts at passing, this semester is almost over.

But don't celebrate too much, because we’ve still got one thing left — finals week. And by the looks of Twitter, nobody is prepared.

1. Maybe there’s a way out of finals.

2. Like, making a playlist to beg for forgiveness.

3. We’ll do anything to avoid studying.

4. Including calculating what you need to pass.

5. Or calling out your friends for their own lack of studying.

6. We’re all starting to accept our fate.

7. We never expected it’d be this difficult.

8. Never forget that miracles can happen.

9. Unless your final is cumulative.

10. Here’s to hoping our professors have sympathy.

11. Please support me during this difficult time.

12. And on that note, I've gotta study.

Lead Image Credit: Ashley Vanosdol via Twitter