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May 30 2015
by Matt Gehring

12 Tweets That Prove Prom 2015's Amazingness

By Matt Gehring - May 30 2015

The dresses were bought, the tuxedos were rented, and plenty of memories were made (and possibly forgotten) at after-prom. It's time to take a look back at the couples that killed it at Prom 2015.

#1 - His white tux and her red dress paired up to make for some stunning prom pictures.

#2 - It works in reverse, too! White dress and red jacket looking perfect together.

#3 - The year of flawless red continues.

#4 - Who could forget these awesome best friends? Promposal AND prom pictures killin' it.

#5 - Who gave them permission to be that amazing?

#6 - Hair. On. Fleek.

#7 - Light blue & coral looking absolutely fabulous.

#8 - That bench should be grateful. It was touched by two angels.

#9 - Plain & simple, but oh, so beautiful.

#10 - Not a traditional dress? No problem. This couple looks amazing.

#11 - Prom pictures at IKEA. They win everything.

#12 - On second thought, this couple wins, too. 

Whether you went with a traditional style, a sexy attire, or something in between, the Classes of 2015 and 2016 killed it at Prom 2015. Now we just can't wait until next year.

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Matt Gehring - Syracuse University

Matt Gehring is a senior at Syracuse University studying television, radio, and film. He's into social media and a major pop culture junkie. Matt is Fresh U's Social Media Director and loves writing about what's trending. Follow him on Twitter: @mattryanx

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