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Jul 24 2015
by Maryellen Stohlman-Vanderveen

How to Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

By Maryellen Stohlman-Vanderveen - Jul 24 2015

For most first-year college students, move-in day is going to be the first time we really get to leave home and have our own space. If you're anything like me, you've already begun planning your room. From eating in dining halls to sharing dorm bathrooms, college living is going to be an adjustment. Don't stress though, Fresh U has you covered with five decorating tips that will help make your room feel like home from the very first night.

1. Incorporate elements from your current room.

Whether you bring your favorite posters, bedding and throw pillows or just keep the same color scheme, incorporating design elements from your current bedroom into your dorm room will give your space a feeling of familiarity right off the bat.

2. Grab something for the floors.

No one likes waking up to cold linoleum or hard wooden floors. Be sure to grab a small throw rug or at least some soft slippers to make your room feel extra cozy, unless of course you like cold feet in the morning.

3. Don't Forget your childhood keepsakes.

Your seemingly embarrassing stuffed animals, worn childhood blanket and the jar your grandma gave you that holds sand from the beach you spent your summers growing up should all be on your packing list. They may seem unnecessary now, but can be comforting just to know they are with you on those homesick nights, even if they stay in a box under your bed for the rest of the year. Everyone else will be bringing their Teddy too, even if they don't leave it out on their bed.

4. Bring lots wall decorations.

Don’t underestimate the bleakness of a bare wall. Whether you hang tapestries up, bring posters of your favorite bands or create a photo wall (like me!), decorate the walls of your room with all the things you love to make them perfectly personalized.

5. But not too many!

No one likes a cluttered space. Beware of over-decorating, it is a lot easier to bring more furniture, books, etc. later on than it is to find space to store things if you overpack. You also want to be careful not to take so much of your stuff to college that your room at home feels empty and no longer yours.

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Maryellen Stohlman-Vanderveen - Smith College

Maryellen Stohlman-Vanderveen is a freshman at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. She plans on pursuing journalism and has a passion for psychology and politics. Maryellen enjoys ice cream, long walks in the woods, and reading. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter @maryellenvdv.

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