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Dec 08 2015
by Marlowe Reardon

Freshman Year As Told By 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

By Marlowe Reardon - Dec 08 2015

Freshman year is one of the biggest transitions of a teenager's life. Tina Fey's new Netflix series "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" has many diverse characters and plot lines that definitely relate to the hardships and successes of the first year of college.

1. Being in a brand new environment can be very exciting.

When Kimmy was rescued from her doomsday bunker, life in the Big Apple was overwhelming at first, but very thrilling. Starting college is the exact same feeling!

2. Keeping a positive attitude is a must.

Whenever Kimmy was feeling down, she would always stay enthusiastic and make the most out of every situation. Going to classes and taking exams is inevitable, so make the most out of your education. You can even use Kimmy's mantra, "I'm not really here! I'm not really here!"

3. It's okay to be lazy sometimes.

Kimmy's roommate, Titus, is every college student's spirit animal. He understands how important relaxation is and not having too much on your plate. 

4. Eating whatever, and whenever, you want is a blessing and a curse.

Having every type of food available at your disposal in the dining hall is great, but you have to be careful to keep a steady diet and know your limits.

5. Trying not to be wasteful is very difficult.

Don't be like Kimmy's boss, Jacqueline, and throw away full bottles of water. College is all about saving money, but it can be much simpler to throw away unnecessary things and waste the money that is given to us by family and friends.

6. Dorm life can be difficult.

Moving into a small dorm with a roommate, or roommates, has its ups and downs. Making the most of it and making your room feel at home is essential to a happy first year experience.

7. Comfort is key.

In college, no one cares if you show up to lecture dressed up or in sweatpants, so dress how you want.

8. Meeting new people can be intimidating.

Even though Kimmy had a huge secret to keep about being an Indiana Mole Woman, she was still a little nervous around new people. Starting conversations and opening up to strangers can be difficult, but making new friends is totally worth it.

9. Know your surroundings.

Learning your way around campus and the surrounding area is a must. You will know the best spots to eat, shortcuts to class, and places to shop (Okay, maybe not Sears).

10. Have confidence!

Even though no one can be as elegant as Titus when he sang Pinot Noir, we can all try. Being confident in your abilities and appearance can get you far in college, and in life.

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Marlowe Reardon - Syracuse University

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