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May 31 2015
by Mark Risinger

10 Things We Will All Miss About Home

By Mark Risinger - May 31 2015

1. A bed to yourself

It’s the first night in the dorms. You haven’t been in a bunk bed since elementary school, but now you have to sleep on the rickety top bunk. And your roommate said he doesn’t snore, right?

2. Our dogs, cats and hamsters

The furriness and cuteness is all gone. Nobody greets you at the door or cuddles next to you at night. The closest thing you have to a pet is the mouse you’ll see in the basement laundry room.


3. Friends

It’s their fault, really. They should have followed you to your school. But now you’re stuck on campus and you don’t know a soul. Where’s your BFF now? 


4. A shower you can trust

Don’t forget shower shoes or you’re screwed. At home, your feet could go commando, but not so in college. If you forget the shoes, you could always improvise.


5. The local barista that actually knew how to spell your name

Be honest, it irks you when they spell it wrong.


6. Actually knowing people

It was nice when you knew everyone. Now, it’s just a sea of strangers. 


7. Food 24/7

Sure, you have a meal plan and there are places to eat, but nothing beats having everything at your fingertips.


8. A car

Fitness is great, but what’s all this walking business? If you meet your fitbit goal before noon, then something is wrong.

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9. Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Long-distance relationships can suck. You used to see them every day, but now you rarely see them at all. And to punish you, hot guys and girls seem to be everywhere you go!


10. Family

Yes, they can be annoying at times, but you still love them. It’s weird not seeing them every day. So pick up the phone and call or Skype home!


Lead Image Credit: Tomas Laurinavicius

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Mark Risinger - Indiana University

Mark Risinger is a freshman at Indiana University-Bloomington majoring in business and minoring in journalism. In high school he was editor-in-chief of his school yearbook. He loves photography, technology, and good food. Follow him on Twitter @risingermark.

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