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Jun 24 2017
by Marie Fayssoux

8 Unique Summer Activities That Are Better Than Sleeping In

By Marie Fayssoux - Jun 24 2017

Whether you just finished your first year of college or are anxiously awaiting it, summer is a welcomed reprieve from school. Crazy sleeping schedules, making late-night Waffle House runs and going to the beach are the norm, and a lot of people wish for nothing more. What I’ve found though, is that after a couple of weeks of doing the same thing day after day, I wish for something new. Sometimes it’s difficult to shake things up on a whim, so I created a list of simple but unique summer activities to keep your break interesting, while still giving you time to rest and refresh.

1. Learn to sew

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Sewing is a practical and fun pastime that everyone should pick up. What better way to flaunt your independence than to patch your favorite jeans all by yourself? For those that want more of a challenge, learning to use a sewing machine instead of a needle and thread will open the door to bigger and more customizable projects like quilting, and designing your own clothes. 

2. Volunteer Somewhere New

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Chances are if you're in a club or Greek life, you've done quite a bit of community service. If we're all honest though, a lot of it was probably done to amp up your resume, but summer break is the perfect time to do volunteer work that you actually care about. Whether you want to get involved with a local animal shelter, or with a sustainable gardening program, your three months off of school grant you countless opportunities to dedicate yourself to a cause that makes an impact, as well as brings you joy. 

3. Big DIYs