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Jul 27 2015
by Madison Scull

The 10 Stages of Working a Summer Job

By Madison Scull - Jul 27 2015

1. Excitement and anticipation

For many of us, applying for summer jobs is the first time in our lives we are exposed to the hiring application process. Congratulations, you made it!  Thinking about your first paycheck has you like this: 


2. Reality sets in.

In about your first or second week, you start to realize that maybe everything isn't as great as you thought it was? Sure, you get to meet people in the area, but some of those people aren't so nice. After the third or fourth time your intelligence is insulted right to your face, you start asking yourself this:


3. When you make that horrible "trainee" mistake

I don't know about you guys, but in my first couple weeks I had a major screwup or two. The worst was probably when I forgot to replace the nozzles on the soda machine that I had removed. Long story short, a very angry customer was doused in root beer.


4. The moment someone tells you to clean the bathroom


As a new employee, you're always handed the least desirable jobs. 'Tis the nature of the business, and if you're lucky, you'll find yourself promoted soon.

5. When you're scheduled to work with that one bitch who starts all the drama


Every business branch has that one person that can't find fulfillment in their own lives, so they make things up about yours. Always a pleasure.

6. When someone tells you you're out of sweet tea


7. When someone places that HUGE order over the phone 10 minutes before close


Really though, totally necessary, #amiright?

8. That inevitable moment someone walks all over your freshly mopped floor with their dirty shoes...30 seconds before closing


If only they had been a minute later...

9. When you don't get paid for overtime


10. When you finally clock out and get to go home


The best feeling (other than bringing home a nice paycheck) is clocking out and heading home knowing that you worked hard. If you find yourself dreading your summer job, though, remember that Orientation Week is only four weeks away.

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Madison Scull - University of Pittsburgh

Madison Scull is a Junior at Pitt majoring in Communications, Sociology, and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. Obsessions include fair-trade items, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Taylor Swift, cats and reality television, not necessarily in that order. She searches out both the beauty and tragedy in all things.

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