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Oct 22 2017
by Madi Telschow

10 Things Every College Student Shouldn't Do, But Does

By Madi Telschow - Oct 22 2017

If I've learned anything from my first semester in college, it's that everything is really different from high school. The environment is different, the classes are different and the people are really different. Yet, even with all those differences, I've realized that a lot of us college students still make the same mistakes.

1. Crossing the Street Without Looking

A broken leg is temporary. Student debt feels like forever. Getting a slight tap from that car might just be your solution. 

2. Eating Microwaveable Pasta for Breakfast

Look, I know the dining hall is only five minutes away, but let's be honest, I don't want to change out of my PJs. It takes time and I could be sleeping instead. I'll just stick with that dorm room mac 'n' cheese, thanks.

3. Forgetting You Skipped Meals

Sometimes things just come up. You wake up late for your first class, so no breakfast. You try to cram before your afternoon exam, so no lunch. Then, of course, your evening informational is supposed to provide food, but they run out, so no dinner. One day, no meals... it happens.

4. Telling Yourself You'll Do The Reading

If it's not checked, is it really even homework? The professor's going to cover the material anyway. You wouldn't want to do the professor's job, right?

5. Not starting your homework until 11 P.M.

Productivity under pressure is a thing, y'all; a very stressful, probably-not-smart thing at all, but a thing nevertheless. 59 minutes can be longer than you'd think. 

6. Cramming

One night of studying will totally prepare you for your midterm. The stress definitely won't give you mental breakdowns. It's totally healthy to trip out on a caffeine overdose. For sure.

7. Staying up Late 

Here, we find a decision only slightly smarter than the "I'll be fine if I go to this party on a Tuesday night" thinking. Both are probably going to cause you to sleep through all 15 of your alarms. It's fine, you're fine, we're all fine.

8. Skipping Class to Catch up on Work

We all know this just puts us more behind in the end. But why think about the end when you're living in the moment? Got to take advantage of the present, right?

9. Pretending Your Life's Not a Mess

It's not fooling anyone. You might as well stop trying, it's not like you have that kind of energy in your life anyway. Actually, you really don't have any at all.

10. Thinking You'll Get Straight A's

High school was the biggest trick. You think a 4.0 GPA is totally attainable and then college decides to kick your butt. Here, we learn the most important life lesson: C's get degrees.

So there it is. The ten things every college student shouldn't do, but does. If we can't fight them, I guess we might as well embrace them now.

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Madi Telschow - Texas A&M University

Madi is a freshman at Texas A&M University studying English and journalism in hopes of becoming a travel writer. She enjoys working with children and at a local boutique, but also loves to be outside - whatever that may entail. You might find her biking along the bayou or writing songs in her hammock, but she is always keen for a new adventure. She is passionate about God and family and friends, but she really just loves getting to know people. You can follow her on either Twitter or Instagram using the handle @maditelschow

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