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Aug 06 2016
by Madeleine Williamson

This Student Hiked the Adirondacks with a Bernie Sanders Cardboard Cutout

By Madeleine Williamson - Aug 06 2016

Syracuse University junior Garet Bleir was an active Bernie Sanders supporter from the beginning. He knocked on doors, phone banked for the candidate and assisted with voter registration. As Sanders’ campaign fizzled out this summer, Bleir’s adventure was just beginning, the Daily Orange reported Tuesday.

Early this summer, Bleir scaled all 46 peaks of New York’s Adirondack Mountains. He hiked with a unique companion: Bernie Sanders. He made the trek with a cardboard cutout of the Vermont senator strapped to his back. “Bernie” even made it to the top of 30 peaks with Bleir.

“He’s been an inspiration to me so I thought it’d be cool to put him back on top in New York,” Bleir told the Daily Orange.

Bleir said his copilot amused other hikers, regardless of political ideology. He told the Daily Orange of meeting a Donald Trump supporter who thought the cutout was so funny he took a picture with it. “Why not bring humor to a lot of people?” Bleir said of his expedition partner.

“Bernie’s” journey didn’t end in the Adirondacks. In the mountains, he serving as a parasail in high winds. Last month, he traveled to the Democratic National Convention. There, Bleir protested with other Sanders supporters. While the cutout’s real-life counterpart is out of the race, Bleir’s activism is continuing. He plans to join Sanders’ organizations, the Sanders Institute and Our Revolution.

Lead image credit: Olaf on Flickr

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Madeleine Williamson - DePaul University

Madeleine Williamson is a freshman at DePaul University majoring in journalism and minoring in political science and Spanish. She loves tea, stationery and exploring her new hometown of Chicago.

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