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Sep 10 2016
by Madeleine Williamson

Psychology Confirms Asexuality Is a Sexual Orientation

By Madeleine Williamson - Sep 10 2016

Is asexuality normal? Is it a sexual disorder or the result of trauma? How much of the population is actually asexual?

For the past decade, scientists at the University of British Columbia studied these questions. Their answers haven’t surprised many people. They determined that asexuality is a sexual orientation, Teen Vogue reported Tuesday.

“We conclude that there is modest support for asexuality’s placement as a unique sexual orientation,” the study’s authors said.

It may be rare - an estimated 1% of people are asexual, Psychology Today reported. Nonetheless, asexuality is normal, the study says. Asexuality is a sexual orientation in which people experience no sexual attraction. Like any sexual orientation, the research showed that it’s often clear from early ages. Asexuals don’t stop feeling sexual attraction all of a sudden due to trauma.

And, like other orientations, asexuality is different for different people. “There is, however, likely as much variability among asexual individuals’ lack of sexual attraction (and whether it also extends to lack of romantic attraction) as there is among sexual individuals’ presence of sexual attraction,” the study said.

The case seems closed for now. Asexuality is, well, a sexuality.

If you’re asexual or questioning and looking for resources, check out the Asexual Visibility and Education Network.

Lead Image Credit: trollhare on Flickr Creative Commons.

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Madeleine Williamson - DePaul University

Madeleine Williamson is a freshman at DePaul University majoring in journalism and minoring in political science and Spanish. She loves tea, stationery and exploring her new hometown of Chicago.

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