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Jul 30 2016
by Madeleine Williamson

This New Service Is Basically A Virtual Classroom

By Madeleine Williamson - Jul 30 2016

It’s been compared to Reddit and Slack, but Yellowdig isn’t made for sharing memes or chatting with coworkers. It’s a “private board” where classmates discuss courses and share relevant content. And it’s in use at 30 universities, with about 25 more piloting the program this fall, Inside Higher Ed reported Wednesday. 

Many college courses already use software to connect students. Yellowdig is catching on for its similarity to social media with which students are likely familiar. 

“It’s so important to think about where the students are today and the type of technology they are using,” Daniel A. Gruber, a Northwestern professor using Yellowdig, told Inside Higher Ed.

The software has another major draw: it helps professors monitor student participation. This can often be difficult to do in large lecture courses. Northwestern IT staffers built software on top of Yellowdig to help professors visualize students’ connections. Professors can more easily notice when students aren’t engaged and grade based on participation data.

“We are living in a world of networks where people naturally connect with one another based on their interests and passions. That’s what Yellowdig is doing,” founder Shaunak Roy said.

Hopefully, this new software makes learning easier for students and allows for group communication to enhance our educations.

Lead image credit: World Bank Photo Collection on Flickr.

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Madeleine Williamson - DePaul University

Madeleine Williamson is a freshman at DePaul University majoring in journalism and minoring in political science and Spanish. She loves tea, stationery and exploring her new hometown of Chicago.

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