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Aug 15 2017
by Madeleine Smith

7 Things You Will Definitely Miss About Your Younger Sibling When You Move Out

By Madeleine Smith - Aug 15 2017

As we get closer and closer to moving day, all we can think about is leaving — the excitement of getting out of the house and becoming independent. However, we tend to forget about all the good things we are leaving behind, especially our families. You don't know what you have until it's gone, especially the unique relationship you have with your sibling (even if you fight a lot). Here are 7 things you might not have known you will miss about your sibling. 

1. All the inside jokes.

Throughout your life, your sibling will always be that friend that you've had for the longest. This means you are definitely going to have a gazillion inside jokes. There is bound to be a time when something or someone at your new school will remind you of one of those precious jokes only you two understand and you will fondly remember all the times you've laughed yourself to tears with your younger brother or sister. 

2. Always having someone to watch your back.

Your sibling has always been your partner in crime. Independence is great, but you will miss having someone you can talk to about literally anything and count on to be on your side when it really matters. Yeah you might fight, but your sibling is always the first to stand up for you because in their eyes, they are the only ones that get to push your buttons. 

3. Having someone who knows all your quirks.

You never have to be someone you're not around your sibling because they have seen you at your best and at your worst. Sure, you will become comfortable at school and make friends that you can be yourself with them around, but you will miss not having to worry about your quirks when with your brother or sister. 

4. Being able to watch over them.

Being the older sibling means you feel protective of your younger family member. Going away means you won't be able to watch over them the way you were able to when you lived together, which means you might worry about them while you're away.

5. The teasing.

The thing about having a sibling is that insults are not just accepted, they are encouraged. You are going to miss having someone you can use your quick wit on without hurting their feelings because they know it comes from a place of love... the same place their comebacks come from.

6. Honesty.

Believe it or not, you are going to miss your sibling's brutal honesty. They always tell it like it is and won't beat around the bush with you. That's not something you can always count on in other people and their honesty will be refreshing when you return home.

7. The competition.

Everything is a competition with your sibling and when you get to school, you will miss the satisfaction of beating your brother or sister at something and the thrill of competing even if you lose.

You are bound to miss not only your younger sibling, but also your whole family. Moving out and becoming independent is a huge part of growing up and an extreme change in your lifestyle. Take the time before school starts to enjoy your time with the people you love and try to keep in contact while you're in school to preserve the relationship you have with your brother or sister.

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Madeleine Smith - Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Madeleine Smith is a freshman in the Honor's College at Rutgers University- New Brunswick. She's double majoring in journalism and political science and in her free time she loves playing soccer, journaling, reading, and hanging out with friends!

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