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Sep 28 2017
by Madeleine Smith

5 Worries Every Out-Of-State Student Has at Some Point

By Madeleine Smith - Sep 28 2017
We all know about that one state university that literally EVERYONE goes to from your state. Well, maybe not everyone, but it sure seems like it. But what if you are an out-of-stater that goes to a state school? If you're like me, a Maryland girl at a New Jersey state school, you have definitely had at least a few of these outrageous, irrational and unrealistic worries.

1. Everyone is already going to know each other.

For some reason, we out-of-staters seem to equate our situation to that of a '90s high school drama about the new girl who can't find any friends because she doesn't fit into a clique. We unrealistically believe that every person is already going to have friends and that we are the singular out-of-stater. Also, for some reason, we think that every person in the state knows every other 18-year-old in the state and completely disregard the fact that every state has a ton of different high schools that feed into that state school, and someone from north Jersey is unlikely to know everyone from south Jersey. 

2. I'm going to be alone every weekend.

Obviously, in our weird brains that like to stress us out, we think that every single in-stater is going to go home on the weekend and you will be stuck in your dorm doing nothing with anyone. Forgetting the fact that even in-staters are excited to move out. Oh, and let's not even consider making friends with other out-of-staters who have long car and plane rides to get home.

3. There's gonna be a quiz on state facts.

For some reason, the fact that you don't know the state bird or the state sport or exactly what the state flag looks like really scares you. I mean it is college, right? Do people get pop quizzes in college? I was low-key scared that I didn't know the words to every Springsteen and Bon Jovi song, because that's all New Jerseyans listen to, right? And there's no way people from in-state are going to be even remotely interested in learning about your state. You have definitely had crazy thoughts like, "I have to assimilate. No one can know I'm from somewhere else."

4. I'm going to get soooooo lost.

It definitely makes total sense to think that every in-stater knows exactly where everything around campus and the town or city you live in is. You, being the lonely, friendless out-of-stater is the idiot who doesn't know how to get from point A to point B without a hitch. Even if they came from a different town, they will still know every street and you are going to be wandering around like a lost puppy. You're also scared people are going to think you're an imbecile if you don't know the full geography of the state you're moving to when people tell you where they are from.

5. Do I talk funny?

Every state has their own way of speaking and even their own accents. You've definitely been worried about being shunned because you talk strangely, when the reality is people are actually pretty perplexed when you sound different. However, for some reason, the fact that you say "pop" instead of "soda" really bothers you.

If you are a mega-worrier like me, you definitely lost sleep worrying about these outrageous and totally unrealistic scenarios. I'm here to tell you that it's all going to be alright in the end, and that nothing could really be as bad as the things you come up with in your head, and if they are, then you've been thinking about it so long that you'll be able to handle it. 

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Madeleine Smith - Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Madeleine Smith is a freshman in the Honor's College at Rutgers University- New Brunswick. She's double majoring in journalism and political science and in her free time she loves playing soccer, journaling, reading, and hanging out with friends!

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