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Jun 16 2016
by Madalyn Gustafson

10 Grad Caps to Reflect Your Ambitions

By Madalyn Gustafson - Jun 16 2016

Graduation day is just around the corner – we’ve made it this far now there is only one thing left to do: decorate your graduation cap! Your graduation cap is the last possible chance you have to leave your mark in your high school. Creativity and individuality are essential in this process. Everyone is different; therefore every cap will be different. Some of us are artsy and have been thinking about this for months, while the rest of us have no clue what we’re doing. No fear, it’s not as hard as you may think. The key is to have your cap stand out and resemble who you are and who you want to become. There are hundreds of possible designs for every graduate to re-create. Depending on your personality a few desirable options may be the following.

1. The Future Broadway Star


This style is for that talented theater kid that was the lead in every high school musical, and they have a dream to one day land a role in a Broadway musical. 

2. The Super Jock


This cap is for the all-around athlete. They were the MVP on everyone of their varsity sports and are going on to play in college next year. 

3. The Preppy Pinterest-er


This is the kid that has been planning their grad cap for months and needs it to be flawless. Their glamorous cap and extraordinary graduation dress is how they desire to leave their last mark on the school.

4. The World Traveler


This cap is for the kid that was never around during school breaks to hang out because they're always away exploring the unknown, seeing new places and meeting new people. They want nothing more than to see the world and will definitely be studying abroad in college. 

5. Biggest Child at Heart


This cap is for the kid that never grew up and wants to stay in school forever. They valued their time at school and desire to return after college to raise up the next generation to have the same appreciation for their education. 

6. The Undecided Procrastinator

This cap is for the soon-to-be college student that still has no idea what they’re doing; therefore, they may be declaring undecided, or taking a gap year.

7. The Grey’s Anatomy Addict

With a spin off the late Derek Shepherd’s famous saying “It’s a beautiful day to save lives," this cap gives the same optimism with a graduation twist. The person with this cap desperately wants to be the next Meredith Grey and save the world through medicine. 

8. The Perfect Child

This cap is for that kid who was best friends with their parents all throughout high school and wanted to thank them in a big way. They have strong people skills with people of all ages and are always on their best behavior. 

9. The Excited College Freshman


This cap is for the graduate that is counting down the days until they officially are able to attend the school of their dreams. They are proud of their school and want the whole class to know it. They chose their school because of the strong reputation their has major there, and can’t wait to start learning all about it.

10. The All-American


This cap is for the kid who loves this country and all it has to offer. Their the kid that was super smart in high school and always answered every question perfectly in government class. 

To be an individual in a class of hundreds is truly important. A graduation cap not only allows for personal style to shine through but it allows for a student to be even more enthusiastic about their graduation day when they are able to wear the cap they created themselves. When you're throwing your cap on graduation day, remember all that is behind you, all that is before you and all that is yet to come. Be unique and cap off your high school experience on a high note. 

Lead Image Credit: Bunches and Bits via Flickr Creative Commons

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Madalyn Gustafson - Grove City College

Madalyn Gustafson is a sophomore at Grove City College majoring in English and Communications Secondary Education. She is a member of Alpha Beta Tau Sorority, enjoys hammocking, coffee, and has intentions of becoming a High School English Teacher after graduation.

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