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Jul 24 2017
by Madalyn Deselem

This Vegan Subscription Box Company will Change Your College Lifestyle

By Madalyn Deselem - Jul 24 2017

We all love getting packages in the mail, especially while we are away at college. They give us a break from the monotony of college life and give us something to look forward to after a long day of classes. Well what if instead of waiting on other people to send you stuff, you gave yourself a present this fall in the form of vegan snacks and cruelty-free beauty? This is where Vegan Cuts comes in. For just $22.95 a month,  a box full of snacks or beauty products can be sent right to your dorm! As the Outreach Director for Fresh U's The Network, I took the time to review both boxes to give you the inside scoop on this revolutionary service.

First Impressions

Madalyn Deselem

Beauty Box: I absolutely loved the simplistic yet elegant packaging. All of the products fit well in the mesh bag and it was full. I hate getting a package that feels like it was only packed halfway; I did not get that feeling with the Vegan Cuts beauty box. I liked being able to see the products but not entirely because it made me excited to see what else was inside. 

Snack box: While the packaging was plain, just an ordinary shipping box with their logo on the side, the box was filled to the brim with vegan goodness. I never knew there was such a large variety of vegan products until getting this, and I was very excited to see what was inside. The only complaint I had was a broken bag of oats at the bottom. Most of the product remained in the bag, however some of the other products were dusty when I took them out. 


Madalyn Deselem

Beauty box: While the beauty box contained only six items, I was very impressed by the quality of each product. It wasn't a bunch of sample sizes either; they were full sized! The bag included pamphlets of some of the products so I could find them again after I used them. I especially loved the Goddess Garden lavender mint lip balm and the Green Tidings lavender deodorant. I have been using them all week and will definitely be purchasing them again. I also plan on taking the Moon Souls Lunar Soak with me to college in two weeks. What's not to like about a bath salt that works in the shower as an aromatherapy? Bonus: it will make those college dorm bathrooms smell a lot better with those lemon and eucalyptus oils. 

Snack box: Okay wow. So much was stuffed into this box. This box covered more than enough snacks for me this week. I can't believe $22.95 gets you so much! there were 12 products in my box which I think is a great amount. I was so excited to find the sweet potato cranberry cookie from The Cookie Department in there (I have a weakness for both sweet potatoes and cookies; it's like they know me). I also loved the Salt and Vinegar Pipcorn and the Wai Lana barbecue chips but they certainly didn't last long in my house. All of these snacks are things I can toss into my backpack and eat on the go. Nothing helps me get through my 8:30 Spanish 201 lecture like a Better Than Caffeine bar or some dried tropical fruit. I certainly discovered some new brands through this box that I can't wait to purchase for my dorm this fall. 


Madalyn Deselem

Beauty box:  The variety of products in this box was exactly what I needed. I didn't feel like any of the products were repetitive or useless. I loved that there was makeup sample as well as stuff for my face and body. Absolutely no complaints about this box's variety.

Snack box: I think for a box that has to be suitable for shipping across the country, the variety is good. I felt as though there were a lot of chips and bars in it. I would have loved to see more things like the dried fruit just to add a little more spectrum to the box. All of this said, there was nothing in the box that I would not eat. I love bars like the No Cow Bar because they make for a great breakfast on-the-go for a person like me with a busy schedule. I loved this box and would for sure order it again.

For those with dietary or product restrictions, college can be frustrating when it comes to shopping. Vegan Cuts provides a great resource for vegans as well as those students looking for something special in the form of beauty products and snacks. The pricing is absolutely great for students and you get your money's worth which, as college students, we all value to the extreme. I would highly recommend Vegan Cuts' service! Shop all of the Vegan Cuts boxes and products here.

Lead Image Credit: Madalyn Deselem

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Madalyn Deselem - Purdue University

Madalyn is a freshman at Purdue University studying Biology with Pre-Medical advising with the hopes of becoming a dermatologist. She enjoys her jobs as a barista and a freelance tutor, hammocking in obscure locations, growing succulent plants, singing her heart out on stage, and working out at the gym. She is passionate about philanthropy and making a difference in the realm of mental illness awareness. You can find her on Twitter using the handle @maddie_deselem and on Instagram as @maddie.deselem

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