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Aug 18 2017
by Madalyn Deselem

These Backpacks Are a College Student's Best Friend

By Madalyn Deselem - Aug 18 2017

Having just moved to Purdue this week for my freshman year, I am still trying to get myself together after entering this red brick jungle. However, if one thing has been consistent during the transition of move-in, it has been my need for my Kavu backpacks. Kavu, a Seattle-based company, creates a variety of outdoor gear ranging from totes to jackets. However their backpacks are a personal favorite of mine. From the minute I got here, my roommate and I have used these pretty little packs to carry all of our Boiler Gold Rush necessities. Kavu sent me both a paxton pack and a classic rope sling to review, so I decided to show you just how a college student can use this hiking backpack for everyday tasks around campus. 

Everglade Tile Paxton Pack: AKA "The Campus Survival Bag"

Madalyn Deselem

This gem and I have been inseparable since moving into Meredith Hall. My everyday essentials get put into this beautiful bag. Some of the things I tossed into it this morning include:

-Dorm key and Student ID

-Boiler Gold Rush info pack


-Charging cable and battery pack

-Granola bar

-Car keys


-Water bottle and clip

There was still plenty of room for more storage and with the sling design, my back doesn't hurt at all from carrying it around all day. The sling design also allows me to just swing the backpack around my torso to open it instead of taking off the bag all together. Very convenient for someone who always forgets that basically everything requires an ID swipe. I love the print and I have had several people compliment me on it and ask where I got it from. The extra pocket on the front is great for stashing my phone in. I would definitely recommend this bag for any college student looking for a smaller backpack to throw random items in throughout the day without the hassle of a full sized backpack. At just $55, this bag is both affordable and functional. Buy it here

Spruce Rope Sling: AKA "The Co-Rec Caddy"

Madalyn Deselem

My friends and I are trying very hard to get into a regular routine of working out here at Purdue. This Kavu classic makes tired gym duffles obsolete with its lightweight and fashionable design. My roommate and I share this bag when we go to the rec center together. Some items that made their way into it this morning were:

-Shower shoes

-Running shoes

-Both sets of dorm keys and IDs

-Hair ties

-Shower gel

-Water bottle and clip


There was plenty of room for both of our stuff and we definitely had room to spare for when friends asked us to carry their items as well. The front pockets are the perfect size for our phones (iPhone 6 and 7 plus) and our headphones. It was much easier to grab this sling bag than drag around a cumbersome duffel across the street. I love the forest green color as well as the interior pocket for small items like IDs or money. We will be sending our duffels home and just using the Kavu bag from now on when we go to the gym. I'm absolutely in love with this brand and their products. At $50, this backpack is affordable and well worth the investment due to its durable nature. Buy it here.

While Kavu is an outdoor recreational brand at its core, college students can certainly find use in their versatile products. They are well priced and made to last, both important factors for students trying not to break the bank this semester. I will definitely be purchasing from this company again and have no complaints to report. So get outside and active this semester in your beautiful new bag from Kavu!

Madalyn Deselem

Lead Image Credit: Madalyn Deselem

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Madalyn Deselem - Purdue University

Madalyn is a freshman at Purdue University studying Biology with Pre-Medical advising with the hopes of becoming a dermatologist. She enjoys her jobs as a barista and a freelance tutor, hammocking in obscure locations, growing succulent plants, singing her heart out on stage, and working out at the gym. She is passionate about philanthropy and making a difference in the realm of mental illness awareness. You can find her on Twitter using the handle @maddie_deselem and on Instagram as @maddie.deselem

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