One of the best parts of college is spending your Friday night under football stadium lights, screaming your head off for your team. Before all the excitement however comes a classic tradition: Tailgating with your friends before the game. 

If you didn't know already, National Tailgate Weekend is October 7-8, and if you're anything like me, you love picking out outfits to wear to the tailgate that scream, "I LOVE MY SCHOOL!" With over 600 participating schools this year joining in on this nationwide tailgate, chances are that your school is one of them. To help you look your best for game day, we have compiled a series of looks to keep you representing from your 8:00 am class to the 4th quarter. While all of my looks are tailored for the Purdue Boilermakers (Hail Purdue!), these looks can be found for most schools on the list above. 

Look #1: "The Pre-Game"

Madalyn Deselem

Just because you have a Spanish 201 exam at 8:30 Friday morning, doesn't mean you can't starting supporting your team from the get-go. This quarter-zip (with thumbholes, ladies!) will not only keep you warm during your walk to class, but you'll look great in it too. This adorable hat also reminds everyone you pass who you support, and that when 5:00 rolls around, you're ready to party. 

Look #2: "The Tailgate AKA Pre-Game Part 2"

Madalyn Deselem

Your classes are over and now its time to party! I personally wore this super-soft t-shirt under my quarter-zip so I would be ready to go after my afternoon classes. This v-neck number resembles a jersey, making it perfect to rock at a tailgate party. I received a lot of compliments on it, not to mention it is now the softest shirt I own. Win-win!

Look #3: "Game Time!"

Madalyn Deselem

The tailgate is winding down, and now its time for everyone's favorite pastime: watching the football game. This look is perfect for those late nights at the stadium that tend to get a little cold as they go on. This glitter headband looks cute, keeps your ears warm and shimmers under the Friday night lights. The cowl hoodie (also with thumbholes!) has an interesting sweater-like pattern and is unlike any other game-day sweatshirt I have seen. Go bold with this game day look; your team will thank you. 

On October 7th, you'll catch me at the Purdue-Minnesota game wearing game day looks like these, cheering on my Boilers louder than anyone else in Ross-Ade Stadium. Join the fun and check out who your team is playing that weekend! Grab some new gear using these fun look ideas and get out to support your team. College is a once and a lifetime experience; take advantage of all that you can. Trust me, you won't want to miss this amazing weekend. 

Lead Image Credit: Madalyn Deselem

Clothing provided by: Purdue Official Store