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Jun 07 2017
by Madalyn Deselem

9 Awkward Things That Are Bound to Happen During Grad Parties

By Madalyn Deselem - Jun 07 2017

The months of May and June bring with them all kinds of happy things. The beginning of summer, lazy days spent by the pool, bare feet in the grass ... oh yeah, and graduation. As we all know, with graduation comes a never-ending influx of grad party invitations. While we all love our friends and want to support them, quite frankly grad parties tend to be kind of awkward. Each grad party has its own special aspects, but there are some elements of the uncomfortable that seem to cross party lines. 

1. You arrive right when a party starts because you have six others to attend that day.

Don't you love being the only non-family member present? Because same. I love eating alone while silently praying someone else I know shows up.

2. Or you arrive way later than your friends and you feel like you missed a major life event.

So many jokes shared that you'll never know about.

3. You only know two other people present. 

One of them is the person throwing the party who is busy talking to their grandma and the other is that weird kid from AP Calc who you've only spoken to once. And your friends aren't going to be there for another 20 minutes. 

4. You don't know if you're allowed to eat the cake. 

It's been an hour since the party started and the cake has yet to be cut. C'mon people, let's speed this along. This place has enough decorations and the cake isn't one of them. 

5. You find a bowl of this stuff. 

Tips O'Mania

Seriously, what even is this?

6. You don't know what kind of sandwiches those are. 

Dijon mustard? Swiss cheese? It's a Choose Your Own Adventure with every bite. 

7. You've been asked where you are going to college and what major you are at least 23 times. 

*proceeds to write college and major across forehead*

8. You don't know how or when to leave.

"Hey, good to see you for like those 30 seconds at the beginning of the party! I'm gonna awkwardly shuffle towards the door now while I try to grab a handful of pretzels on the way out."

9. You go through this process multiple times in the same weekend. 

Well, at least there's gonna be food.

All joking aside, grad parties are a great way to celebrate the accomplishments of our friends. Graduation is an exciting time for everyone involved, and embracing a little bit of awkward makes for some interesting weekends. Happy party-hopping!

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Madalyn Deselem - Purdue University

Madalyn is a freshman at Purdue University studying Biology with Pre-Medical advising with the hopes of becoming a dermatologist. She enjoys her jobs as a barista and a freelance tutor, hammocking in obscure locations, growing succulent plants, singing her heart out on stage, and working out at the gym. She is passionate about philanthropy and making a difference in the realm of mental illness awareness. You can find her on Twitter using the handle @maddie_deselem and on Instagram as @maddie.deselem

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