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Jul 15 2017
by Madalyn Deselem

8 Purdue Students Share How Social Media Helped Them Find Their Perfect Roommate

By Madalyn Deselem - Jul 15 2017

One of the most intimidating parts of starting college is the possibility of getting a random roommate. We have all heard the horror stories of terrible roommates, RA involvement and moving out early. Many students are taking action against bad roommates before they even have a chance to get one. These students found their roommates through social media outlets like Facebook instead of simply choosing the random option.

1. Sarah and Maddie

Natalie Deselem

"So the only social media I have is Facebook and since I decided I didn't want to room with someone I already knew, Facebook was the only place for me to find someone or I'd have to go random (my older sister went random and it didn't turn out well so I really did not want to take that route). I started the roommate hunt around Thanksgiving 2016. The first person I talked to [Maddie] ended up being a perfect match. Since we met so early in the year we had lots of time to text and get to know each other, which was great. Then in early February 2017 we met in person at Purdue, which was tons of fun! Finding my roommate on social media helped me find a new friend, of course, but also allowed me to branch out in other ways such as strengthening communication skills, learning to be flexible and so forth. Overall I am very pleased with what social media did for me in the search of a roommate." — Sarah

2. Nikolas and Joshua

"I posted one of those roommate ads [on Facebook] back in April after I committed. I thought I might as well see if I can find anyone I think I'd get along with, and if I didn't I'd go random. Joshua was one of the first people to respond who didn't have a roommate and he started off by saying we had a lot in common and that he had a Nintendo Switch. I had one too which started our conversation.  He seemed like a cool person who shared a lot of interests so we decided to be roommates ... We talk maybe once or twice a week. I'd recommend using social media to find a roommate because it gives you the opportunity to not only find someone you're compatible with, but I've also found potential friends because of other people who messaged me based on my roommate post." — Nikolas

3. Brianne and Erica

Brianne Kelly

"I met my roommate, Erica, through Facebook and then communicated via Instagram DM and it really was a great way to find a roommate in a pinch. I had just had a roommate back out on me the week before deadline and had to find one quickly, and Instagram/Facebook definitely made it easier to determine if we would be a good match. I chose Erica because we're extremely similar, both academically driven balanced with a good social life and we share the same favorite color! We've met in person twice, the first time she surprised me and came to my musical, driving 45 minutes out of the way to meet me, a real indicator of how awesome she is. Since then we've gotten really close and she's driven in to get coffee!! I would 100 percent recommend next year's class to do the same, it takes a lot of the uncertainty out of the whole crazy college equation!" —Brianne

4. Emily and Danielle

"My roommate and I met through the Roommate Search GroupMe chat back in March. I'd been talking to other people in the Class of 2021 Facebook group but nothing ever worked out because we wanted different things or personalities didn't click. So when I saw that someone posted the link to the GroupMe for girls roommates I joined right away. My now-roommate had posted a pretty generic, 'Hi here's where I'm from, here's my major,' and included a bit about how she really liked writing, and then put her phone number. I felt so weird texting her out of the blue, but I really wanted to reach out, so I messaged her. She responded and said that she'd already found a roommate but was still interested in talking, and since I didn't know anyone else going at the time, I was all for it. 

We started a Snapstreak and followed each other on Instagram. She was the first friend I made going to Purdue, and every day when we would talk a little part of me was like 'damn I wish I was rooming with her.' We would joke about how similar we were, and I was so so happy to at least have found a friend who was like me. About three weeks after we started talking, I was getting anxious about not having a roommate yet, and getting ready to post something in the GroupMe introducing myself again. The day before I planned on doing that, she messaged me and said her roommate had actually decided to go to another school. She was wondering if I wanted to room with her. I said yes instantly and we were both so excited about it. I don't think a day has gone by since then that we haven't talked. She's an absolute sweetheart, and I cannot wait to live with her. We have not yet met in person but we've FaceTimed a lot, and I would definitely recommend finding a roommate on social media! It takes away some of the stress because you already know who it's gonna be. You know you guys can get along, and you can start building a friendship so the idea of living together is less scary." — Emily

5. Camryn and Meara

Camryn Demkowicz

"We had both posted bios on the Purdue Class of 2021 Facebook page, and I commented on it because I saw she lived somewhat near me. After talking we discovered we had a good mutual friend in common whom she knew from dance and I knew from physics class.We met for coffee and it was a little awkward [because] it was our first time meeting, but luckily we had our mutual friend to help soften the situation. We had gotten each other's Snapchats and continued talking but I was leaning towards rooming with another girl. Our mutual friend, Justin, had told me that she was hoping to room with me but I was torn. Eventually, I planned a trip to campus and invited her to come with me in hopes of making a new friend. On the drive down, we connected so well and she was so charismatic with my family. We then, after a few months of talking, decided to room together. It has been really great to get to know her, we meet for coffee or brunch every once in a while, and recently we did our dorm shopping together. I'm really grateful I was able to meet her and have a confidant to take on freshman year with." — Camryn

6. Blair and Anthony

"I met Anthony on the Purdue Class of 2021 Facebook page. The main thing that stood out to me was that he was majoring in computer science, which is my major as well. I messaged him and he matched everything I wanted in a roommate: A calm, intelligent introvert who's focused on studies and doesn't drink, get high or party. I'm a pretty extroverted guy, but I'm also focused on academics and avoiding the party scene, and I must have appealed to him too because now we're roommates. We have not met, but we Skyped once. We specifically chose the same STAR date (July 10th) so we could meet. I recommend using social media because he's from Washington and I'm from Indiana, and I wouldn't have found a good roommate at my high school. Going random I feel is just too dangerous. There are some weirdos out there." -Blair

7. Jordan and Eleni 

Jordan Baker

"I met my roommate through the Class of 2021 Facebook page back in January. We followed each other on Instagram and DMed and decided to be roomies in like a day. She spent a weekend with me recently and we've met up a few times since. We talk all the time. I like her because she's super relaxed and easy to get along with. She immediately made me more excited to go to college. I'd recommend this way of finding a roommate because it really widened the scope of people available to choose from. You can get to know them and find someone who is a good fit for you. I talked to probably 10+ people. I'd still definitely recommend meeting them in person if at all possible before signing a contract with them. Also, when chatting, be upfront with them about your values and what you want to get out of college." — Jordan

8. Chitra and Priya

Chitra Ram

"I met her on the Facebook class group before freshman year. We're both in the same major and even though we weren't roommates or best friends when we first got to college, we are much, much closer now! I love that she's someone I can literally talk to at 3 a.m. (I knock on her door in my pajamas in the middle of the night sometimes just to talk and she does the same.) Also when we're both extra tired at the end of the day we give up and order food together. Other days, we try to work out at home together and end up laughing the whole time. We're going to be seniors this year, we're closer than ever, we all still live together and have had two apartments together since! I would definitely recommend using social media — it's nice to get a feel of a person online before you decide to live with them. It might not give you the whole picture but it's better than the chance that you take going random." — Chitra

We live in a generation that uses technology for pretty much anything. Use it to your advantage by finding your roommate on social media rather than going random. It will not only give you peace of mind about who you'll be living with for the next year, it will also give you the chance to use social media for more than just posting pictures and statuses. 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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