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Sep 11 2015
by MacKenzie Silvia

How I Survived My First College Party

By MacKenzie Silvia - Sep 11 2015

 After talking to countless freshmen about their thoughts on their first college party experiences, I heard an array of words, the most common being: Intimidating, overwhelming, life-changing and sweaty.

Now I’m no expert on mastering the college party scene just yet. All I have is a tiny bit of experience from my first Friday night on Frat Row. It was the typical first college party night. I spent hours with my friends getting ready to go. After we took our time perfecting our hair, makeup and outfits, we went through the typical “pregame” ritual. Hours later, we were finally on our way. We started out with a group of six and rapidly grew in size as we made our way out of our dorm. As expected, we were spotted as freshmen from a mile away. It had to be the unforgiving way we traveled in a large pack (because lets face it, we were all way too nervous to conquer the party on our own).

We got to our first party around midnight (just about when a high school party would be ending). And there we were, surrounded by hundreds of other college students who somehow looked like they all belonged there and actually knew what they're doing.

As I think about my overwhelming yet amazing first night on Frat Row, I cant help but smile thinking about the amazing four years I have ahead of me. Although my first night can definitely be considered one for the books, there are some tips I know now that not only could've improved my night, but I hope will improve yours too!

1. Stick With Your Crew

Whoever you came with, leave with. Regardless of how well you know the area or how many people are around, it is still never a good idea to walk back to your dorm alone. It is also probably not a good idea to leave with a stranger even if you think this person seems trustworthy. Just stick with your friends and you'll be sure to have a good time!

2. Know Your Limits (and yourself)

It is definitely not a ‘requirement’ to drink at college parties regardless of what the ‘party culture’ may imply. It is your body and whatever you feel comfortable with, should be what you do! Don't be influenced by anybody but yourself. Know what your limits are and only do what you want to. Stay true to your gut feeling and you'll be sure to enjoy yourself while staying safe.

3. Leave the Heels at Home (unless you're a pro)

Honestly, who doesn't want to look cute at a party?! I totally agree with the idea of dressing well makes you feel great but I made the horrific mistake of wearing sky-high heels to the first party, OUCH. I never noticed how long of a walk it really is back to my dorm until I had to make the trek in a very tall pair of heels. Unless you have the art of walking in heels mastered, I’d suggest opting for something a bit more comfortable (your feet will thank you!!).

4. We’re All in This Together

Coming into freshman year, I was terrified. I couldn't help but think that I was going to be the only freshman on campus who had no idea what I was doing. It really wasn't until my first party that I began to realize that I was definitely not the only person who was still trying to figure it all out. Not only did I meet a ton of new friends at my first party, but it also eased some nerves to see that many people were in the exact same position as me!


The best four years of your life are upon you. College is the place to try everything you never got the chance to in high school, so ENJOY it. College is a fresh start to make new friends and begin a brand new chapter of your life. Embrace every experience and don’t take a second for granted. Now get out there and live up these next four years!


Lead Image Credit: Robert Hawara

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MacKenzie Silvia - Syracuse University

MacKenzie is a freshman at Syracuse University majoring in Information Management and Technology. She enjoys drinking coffee, dancing to Beyoncé, laughing out loud and playing with her puppy. You can follow her on Instagram/Twitter (@beelovah), or find her on Facebook!

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