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Oct 15 2015
by MacKenzie Silvia

8 Things All Roommates Have Been Through

By MacKenzie Silvia - Oct 15 2015

We all know that having a roommate to “learn the college ways” with can be one of the best things ever. Although it is pretty amazing to be able to live with your best friend, it also comes with some challenges and sacrifices that must be made. Here is a list of the top 8 things you and your roomie have DEFINITELY been through together (or for sure will).

1. The 2 a.m. Conversations

Lets admit it, we've all spent at least one night staying up until 4 a.m. talking to our roommates about anything and everything. It feels like a quick conversation until you look at your clock and realize you have been laying in each others bed for three hours. Can you say procrastination?!


2. Randomly Breaking Out in Dance (Because, why not?!)

Sometimes, we just need to bust a move and there's nobody better to do that with other than your roomie. It’s a great way to relieve some stress and practice your moves for the weekend (and get an honest opinion on said moves). I’d rather know beforehand that my version of “The Jersey Turnpike” isn't a good look if I’m trying to impress that kid from my Spanish class. 


3. Binge Watching Netflix Together ALL DAY

We all need that one person we can count on that's down to lay in bed all day and watch Netflix (If you're single like me, your roommate is the next best option). Sometimes after a night out, all you need is your bed, Netflix, and a little roomie lovin’ to recover before the next night begins.


4. Seeing Them Au Naturale a Lot More Than You Expected To

If you're like me, sometimes you like to let it all hang out. For my roommate, that means seeing some bits she's not always ready for. If you have to give a heads up before you strip down, are you really even doing it right? But hey, what's mine is hers. #cheeksfordays


5. The Dreaded “Sexile”

We’ve all been there at least once. Sometimes, all you really want is to get some rest but your roommate has to take care of some “business.” As a devoted roommate, it is your duty to take one for the team and get the hell out of there. Honestly, do your thing girl. It’s fine. I’ll be asleep on the couch in the floor lounge if you need me!


6. Ordering Pizza Together at 3 a.m.

This can occur for two reasons: either you guys just got back from a killer night out, or you desperately need something to eat as you anxiously cram to finish those three projects you saved for the last night (and of course your roomie stays up to help). Either way, pizza is the best option for either a mean case of the "drunchies" or for when you're stressed out of your mind. And of course, your roommate doesn't even need to ask what toppings you want because she already knows. 



Don’t be surprised if you're desperately searching for your favorite shirt to wear to out and a few hours later you notice your roommate has it on. While living with another girl, you really learn how to become tolerant of other people borrowing your things. Look at it this way, your closet size doubles!


8. Talking About Disgusting Things

Lets face it, we all tell our roommates some things that nobody would ever want to know. But who else is going to listen to you complain about your horrible constipation?! Maybe she didn't want to know about how you skipped laundry day and did the “perfume trick” instead, but that’s just life I guess. Roommates don't judge (hopefully). 


Adjusting to college can be difficult, but having a roommate by your side to experience it with can make it a million times better. So, embrace your time with your roomie by your side and cherish every moment together. 

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MacKenzie Silvia - Syracuse University

MacKenzie is a freshman at Syracuse University majoring in Information Management and Technology. She enjoys drinking coffee, dancing to Beyoncé, laughing out loud and playing with her puppy. You can follow her on Instagram/Twitter (@beelovah), or find her on Facebook!

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