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Jan 14 2016
by MacKenzie Silvia

7 Things I Appreciate More After Winter Break

By MacKenzie Silvia - Jan 14 2016

Winter break is an interesting time for all of us. For one, it is our first real break away from our new lives at school and we are back with our family and high school friends. This vacation really helped me appreciate and learn some things that I have definitely taken for granted during my first semester at college.

1. My bed at home

Having to sleep on a twin sized brick my first semester of school, I forgot how nice it is to have a big comfortable bed at home that you can actually rollover in and not fall off. At school we forget how nice it is to not be in a child sized bed and to actually have some space. Enjoy it while it lasts!


2. My mom

Although while at school I talked to my mom daily over text and FaceTime, it just wasn't the same as having her by my side. Being home over winter break showed me how comforting and great it is to have my best friend back by my side (and not having to do my own laundry is a plus).


3. Real food

After spending 4 months eating the same dining hall food every single night and living off of mac & cheese out of your dorm rooms microwave, it is nice to indulge on some real food. Being in college has made me forget how much I really do appreciate home cooked meals and eating at my favorite restaurants again.


4. More than 4 hours of sleep per night

With the heavy course load throughout the first semester and stress of finals right before break, it was rare if I got more than 4 hours of sleep a night. Being home and not having any homework to worry about has really allowed me to catch up on some much needed sleep.


5. Showering without shoes on

Due to the fact that the communal showers we are forced to use are often filled with hair, it is probably safest to wear sandals in the shower. Being at home for break has made me appreciate barefoot showers that much more (and some decent water pressure).


6. Seeing your pet

If you are like me, you cannot go 5 minutes without thinking about your dog (or any pet for that matter). Being home for a whole month and getting to see your pet every single day is like heaven on earth. Those late night snuggles are just something you just cannot get at school.


7. Your college friends

Living with my new best friends for a whole semester and then being away from them for a month really makes me realize how much I love them. My college friends have turned into my best friends and this break away from them has made me see how much I truly miss being with them everyday.


Although vacation can be a good time to take a break from schoolwork and catch up with family and friends (and sleep), it is definitely exciting to head back to school for second semester. So eat all of the good food while you can and get ready for round 2! Syracuse, here I come!

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MacKenzie Silvia - Syracuse University

MacKenzie is a freshman at Syracuse University majoring in Information Management and Technology. She enjoys drinking coffee, dancing to Beyoncé, laughing out loud and playing with her puppy. You can follow her on Instagram/Twitter (@beelovah), or find her on Facebook!

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