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Aug 10 2015
by Loraina London Calderon

3 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Planner in College

By Loraina London Calderon - Aug 10 2015

Warning: If you are photosensitive epileptic or sensitive to GIFs in general, please for your safety do not read on. One or more GIFs within this article may be triggering.

Imagine how chaotic life would be if you never knew when anything was. People would merely run rampant through the streets because they had no clue where they are supposed to be. The reason this isn’t reality is due to the use of some kind of reminder system. But now that you are entering college, your old high school routine is completely useless. You'll have to learn how to adjust to a whole new schedule in college.

Unfortunately, college life is not as simple as you think. In high school, you were accustomed to structure: bells, parents, coaches, friends, counselors, etc. What are you going to do when all of this is gone? You may be thinking you yourself, “Well, I’ll just use my phone calendar to keep up with everything." But what if your phone malfunctions? What if you lose it? What if you never actually saved it in your calendar? Or what if you forgot to put an assignment or two in your schedule? The problem with technological planners or calendars is that at times they can be unreliable.

Here are three reasons why keeping a planner is going to keep your life not only organized, but extremely easy. And yes, a planner will save your life from time to time.

1. No more Mommy and Daddy

Yes! Leaving for college means finally getting out from underneath your parents' wrath — and it's amazing. However, not having them there to tell you what to do could be a bad thing as well. For most teenagers, their parents planned nearly everything they did or at least kept up with everything you were doing from practices for debate team to doctor’s appointments to check out that weird fungus growing in between your toes. This will no longer be the case; your parents will not be aware of your whereabouts 24/7 while you're in college, which means you need to be. This is your time to take control of your life and the activities you want to be a part of. Don’t be that person that volunteers to help out at a food bank, but can’t because it’s the same time as your Econ class. Write all of your classes in a planner and include their time and place, that way you know when you are unavailable and can plan around those times.

2. No more nightly assignments

It is unheard of to get homework daily in a college course. Most professors will assign reading and essays to be completed, but it is up to you to actually complete it. Do not take this as a hint to procrastinate! Procrastination is every student's frenemy. You may think that you are given enough time so it's fine not to do the assignment right way. But that could change in a matter of days when you realize your reading assignment is 200 pages long and it has to be completed before class at 8 a.m. the next day. Utilize your planner by sectioning out time in your day to read and work on assignments. Ignoring the actual reason you're in college will not benefit you in any way. Don’t waste your university’s or your parents' money. Keep up with what has to be done and when it needs to be done by simply writing it down on a calendar or a planner. From there on work on it, polish it and turn in the piece of perfection you have put your blood, sweat and tears into.

3. No more class bells

Oh bells, can’t you hear them now telling you when your class began and when you finally get to leave your horrid math teacher for the day? That was your life for four years; switching classes, having your own little group in each class, trying not kill that one girl in your class because you can’t stand her and even wishing the bell would ring sooner so you could stop taking notes. Oh the memories! Now back to reality — in college, there are no bells telling you when to go class and when that class is over. Thinking about not having six or seven classes every day is odd, but not even being notified of when your class is starting is even weirder. Keep track of your classes by writing them down in your planner and set reminders or alarms to alert yourself an hour in advance that you have class. You don’t want to be off campus rushing to get to class before your professor closes the doors.

Take control of your life and stay organized by keeping track of all your activities. Don’t get lost in the wonderment of being off on your own. Schedule your check ups, take care of your responsibilities and make time for fun and also for work. It is time to begin a new chapter in life so start by keeping your mind at ease knowing you have everything under control. Not to mention that keeping a planner can be beneficial for not only yourself, but others as well. It shows you are a reliable and responsible person; giving others good reason to trust you and even depend on you. This makes you ideal for a study buddy, leadership candidate and who knows, maybe someday a CEO. Numerous things can be achieved by keeping your life organized and though everything may not goes as planned, it's still important to have a plan in the first place.

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Loraina London Calderon - St. John's University

Loraina London Calderon is an 18-year-old freshman attending St. John's University and majoring in Journalism. She previously was the Arts and Culture Editor at her high school newspaper alongside Supreme Miss Latina AV 2014. She not only is passionate about writing, but dancing as well. She aspires to travel the world covering international stories alongside being an author of young adult fiction.

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