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Aug 20 2016
by Liza Day

Mid-Life Crisis at Age 18

By Liza Day - Aug 20 2016
I have never been more terrified than I am right now, three days before I am scheduled to move into my new life. Don't get me wrong, though, I cannot wait to make new friends, and go back to school. Call me crazy, but I love going to class and listening to the opinions of teachers and students. 

What I am afraid of is uprooting the life I have had for 18 years and moving to somewhere new, somewhere different, all by myself. 

I think some of you know how this feels, whether you are going to a school outside of your home state, or maybe you went to a different university than your closest friends. Either way, you can probably relate to that odd , tight feeling in your chest that comes with thinking you are going to live entirely on your own by the end of the week. 

The question laying heavily on my mind, however, is as follows:

Is feeling equal parts scared and excited wrong?

As I get closer and closer to move in day, I cannot help but feel terrified of being entirely on my own. For so many years, adults have been telling us to find faculty members at our school to trust, to talk to our parents about our troubles and issues, to create a support system that can help you through the toughest of times. And now, as we face the biggest challenge of our lives so far, we have to leave behind the system that we have created for ourselves. We move into dorms, and no matter how stressful our classes get, we cannot walk out of our rooms and talk to our parents about the difficulties, we cannot complain to our high school friends about the irritation of our struggles, we cannot relax by pausing our studies to interact with our siblings. For people like me, family and friends are a huge part of life, and the thought of not having the people who mean the most to me at my fingertips is absolutely terrifying.

Though higher education is undeniably appealing to me, I find myself hesitant about move-in day.

I am, however, going to push myself forward, and I hope you do the same.

I hope to find individuals who share my interests, to stumble upon new areas of my university, to laugh happily with kind-hearted people, to discover that though I miss my friends and family, I have a new home where I am just as comfortable. 

Look out, Welcome Weekend. Here we come.

And boy, do we have high expectations.

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Liza Day - Capital University

Liza Day is a student at Capital University. She is currently dual-majoring in Political Science and Spanish, and is hoping to go to law school when she graduates. Liza enjoys talking loudly and laughing even louder, as well as watching her favorite shows and comedians on Netflix. You can follow Liza on Instagram

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