Tattoos serve a multitude of purposes: self-expression, an accessory and a memoir. In more recent times, they have become popular and more widely accepted, but there are still stigmas surrounding body ink. If your parents are disapproving of tattoos or you're looking out for future workplace dress codes, there are ways to hide body art. Simply shrink down the size and find perfect placement! Here are a few examples of small tattoos.

1. Thin, hide-able script.


A thin script is a great option for a small tattoo. Script can be placed virtually anywhere on the body and most fonts can be shrunken down to the perfect, unnoticeable size. 

2. Your new bracelet.


While the wrist may be a risky spot for some people, it is ideal if you want to show your ink off at school. To hide it at home, simply cover it with a few bracelets. 

3. Hide this behind a curtain of hair.


If you have long enough hair, this is a fantastic option. A meaningful symbol close to the hairline will definitely go unnoticed: just make sure not to put your hair up in a bun!.

4. Accentuate your collar bone.


Tattoos under or on the clavicle are hidden under most shirts. Just keep your off the shoulder shirts at school!

5. Matching small symbols.


If you and a friend are looking for collaborative tattoos, look into symbols that come in pairs. Try to simplify the design like the picture above so that the artist can keep it as small and clean as possible.

6. Lines, lines, lines!


Lines for tattoos are incredibly versatile. They can be thin and placed anywhere on your body. Whether it represents a heart rate or a cityscape, they'll be small enough to be hidden (or mistaken for a sharpie doodle).

7. The inner arm is an ideal hiding place.

Liv Pineda

The inner arm couldn't be a more perfect space for small, secret tattoos. Shirts will easily cover this area but you'll be able to show it off when the time is right. The tattoos that I have are all done in the inner and upper part of the arm: the tattoo pictured above is the prime example and while this piece is a little big, it often goes undetected due to its placement.

If you have the inspiration and fortitude to get a tattoo, you most certainly should. While parents' opinions are important, don't let it hold you back while you're exploring yourself in college. However, do make sure that you are confident in what you want to put onto your body. It is permanent, after all!

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash