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Feb 20 2018
by Liv Pineda

Celebrating My Long Distance Relationship

By Liv Pineda - Feb 20 2018
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I have never been one for young romance. From an emotionally unavailable freshman to an uninterested junior, I was completely cynical about teenagers using such weighty vocabulary like "love."

Of course, then someone came into my life to change that. I had always hoped that I'd find myself in a true love situation, but I was expecting it to happen somewhere around 27. So it was the universe's cruel trick to introduce me to my partner the last semester of high school. 

As a fairly practical person, I did my best to take things slow and acknowledge that our time of having easy access to each other would quickly come to end. We were going to different colleges in cities too far apart for weekly or even monthly visits. How could I, someone who constantly scoffed at the concept of high school sweethearts, make this work? That reasonable mindset lasted for about one week into the relationship. 

Throwing caution into the wind, I dove headfirst into something that I was positive would be more than a summer romance before college — and I was 100% right.

Our first semester apart brought one of the toughest feelings I could have dealt with, and I know I don't stand alone in this one. Other long distance couples will agree. Both halves of the relationship go into a LDR knowing that it's going to be tough. College couples have to especially be serious about their choice. It's no secret that universities introduce a whole new world of activities, classes and people. Dedicating a portion of your life to making sure someone miles away knows their love can sometimes be as difficult as a term paper.

Although first semester was comprised of counting down the days until we saw each other, winter break was a paradise, an oasis in the middle of a desert of video calls, morning texts and heart-eyed Snapchats. The boyfriend-shaped dent in my mattress was filled yet again and everything was right in the world!

This went on for a blissful month until it was back to the grind of class. As we all come to the close of our first month of spring semester, I have to tell any young couples who are wondering if it gets better as you continue: the answer is no.

I know exactly how I felt first semester. I was undoubtedly missing my partner, but I had some other things to deal with as well. While he was always on my mind, I had new classes to get used to, a new job, a whole campus to explore. Of course, every moment there was a lag in a lecture my mind wandered to my guy, but with all the new activity, it was easier to distract myself from the situation at hand.

Starting this semester has been completely different. I've gotten into the flow of classes, work is work and I'm keeping to my studies more strictly. This leaves a lot of time to feel like I'm missing out on quality time with my guy.

I'm trying to stay positive, though; and although that sounds unbelievably cliche, anyone else in a LDR in college should stick to that mentality. There will be days where you are upset with the situation. It will feel like you and your partner are on completely different planets. But if you're in it for the long haul, four years will go by in the blink of an eye and you will cherish every moment you do get to spend with your significant other.

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Liv Pineda - Collin College

Liv relies on a steady consumption of boba and aloe water to fuel through a bachelor's degree in architectural engineering. She looks forward to moving back to her home base of Brooklyn to pursue a master's in architecture and reunite with her favorite pizza spot.

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