Many college students have to find a balance between school, work and extracurriculars. But what if your extracurricular is also your job? Some may have seen her around campus at Syracuse University, whereas others know her as “the big sister I’ve never had” on the computer screen. Introducing Margot Lee, a sophomore advertising student at Syracuse University who has amassed nearly 300,000 subscribers on her beauty, fashion and college lifestyle YouTube channel. Along with her large YouTube following, Lee also has an Instagram following of over 108,000 followers. Containing weekly college vlogs, vegan recipes, makeup tutorials, college advice and morning/nighttime routines, Margot Lee's channel is the perfect lifestyle content that every college student needs.

Lee explains that college has influenced her YouTube channel by allowing her to create a niche audience for herself. “There are so many incoming college students who are interested in college life and a lot of them have turned to my channel/social for advice or insights,” Lee said. “Advertising is such a creative process starting with problem solving, so I can incorporate these lessons into my own channel to create more out-of-the-box videos.” She enjoys studying advertising and running her own social media because they are great learning experiences. They give her an insight into potential advertisers she may work with in the future and help her understand the best ways to work together innovatively.

When it comes to the content that she creates, Lee says the topics always move around. “I think as long as it’s true to yourself, the content doesn’t need to fall into one strict category,” Lee said. “I make lifestyle, fashion and beauty videos because it feels most natural to me and fits best into my life. I think as long as my followers can see I am being real and having fun, they will love the content!”


In regards to high school and college students creating their own YouTube channels, Lee’s best advice is to make the jump and go for it. “[This] field is getting more and more competitive every day with so many people joining the social media world and trying to make it to the top,” Lee said. “Don’t let this be discouraging— let it motivate you to start up before more people do! And if people want to judge you, let them judge. Prove these people wrong and they will bite their tongues one day.”

After multiple years on YouTube, Lee says that the most rewarding part about being in this industry is meeting her subscribers. “It’s still so crazy to me that I can have an effect on people all around the world,” she said. “My coolest ‘YouTube Moment’ has probably been doing a meet-up in London. It is so amazing to meet the girls (and boys!) who watch my videos— it truly makes me so proud and happy.” YouTube has also brought her many opportunities to work with brands she has admired for years, like Philosophy, VS Pink, Gillette Venus, Sally Hansen and Urban Decay. She has also been able to travel quite a bit as well, all thanks to her social media presence.


“I’ve gone to California twice, including a Coachella trip with a company called Dote, modeled for shoots in New York City, and also have been able to help out in Newhouse [at Syracuse University] by speaking on panels or guest speaking in lectures,” Lee said. “I know this is only the start and I can’t wait to see what other opportunities are coming my way.”


Lee plans to spend the summer focusing on her YouTube channel and creating quality content so that she can return to school as a junior feeling more established. “Even though I have no idea what’s on the road ahead for me, I’m so excited to find out!”

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