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Oct 24 2017
by Lindsay Wigo

5 Reasons Why You Should Write For Your School Newspaper

By Lindsay Wigo - Oct 24 2017
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Lots of colleges have their own school newspaper, whether it be small, big or student-run. Many focus on the school's new and upcoming events, issues, student/professor spotlight's or news, but they also cover outside events deserving of recognition too.

Although it is more common for students in the English/writing field to contribute work to the papers, school newspapers are open to everyone regardless of their major. After a full year of working for my school's newspaper (with non-English majors), I have seen why this activity is beneficial to everyone.

1. First and foremost, it's a way to make new friends.

Especially if you love writing. Why not surround yourself with others who also love to write? It's an instant way to be surrounded by people who are similar to you. I know it can be hard to make new friends while in college, but joining a club that you enjoy only leads you to people with the same interest.

2. Writing for the newspaper gives you a good eye for news.

After writing for a newspaper you'll get a better understanding of what sources of news are unreliable. You'll be the expert on what's credible and not credible. Pick up a newspaper or open a magazine and I guarantee you will have formed new opinions on the news articles around you.

3.  You'll become more aware of events around your school and surprised at how many exist.

Once you write about events happening around school, you'll be surprised at how much actually happens on campus — from clubs you didn't know existed to conferences to sports games. Believe it or not, the newspaper covers them and you could be the one to write those articles.

4. Writing for a newspaper can help you practice writing without a bias, opinion, etc.

Learning to write information without bias is essential for not only newspapers, but also research papers. Pick up this opinion-less skill by writing some news articles for your school's newspaper.

5. Newspaper writing helps with other types of academic writing.

From essays to short answer questions on test, any type of formal writing increases the clarity and vocabulary of pieces we write. Newspaper articles have to be thorough and thought out, so when it comes to writing in class or public speaking, people can have more confidence when it comes to words.

If you love to write, stay up to date on politics and are looking for an activity to join in school, contact your school newspaper's editor-in-chief. Writing for the newspaper is one of my favorite things about my school and it can be yours, too.

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Lindsay Wigo - George Washington University

Lindsay is a journalism student and is very excited to be the Editorial Director of Fresh U. She hopes to work in the features and entertainment journalism industry in the future. For more of her work, visit her website:

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