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Oct 04 2017
by Lily Taylor

6 Things Girls Who Rushed Are Tired of Hearing

By Lily Taylor - Oct 04 2017

If there is one thing I hear around campus all the time, it is a bunch of misconceptions about sorority girls. I can’t count the number of times I have been asked ridiculous things about my sorority or my sisters. So for everyone unfamiliar with Greek life, here are a few things you may want to think twice about before saying.

1. We buy our friends.

Yes, we pay dues that cover our housing, initiation and other membership costs, but the friendships that we have are built on real connection. Sorority life is about so much more than money, and insinuating that none of us actually like each other is insulting to the relationships we work so hard to cultivate.

2. We only party.

A lot of sorority girls party, but a lot don’t – just like non-Greek people. Even though you may only see us out at events, what you aren't seeing are the study groups and hours of homework we do at the house. Most sororities require new members to do study hours each week (usually somewhere between 4-8) and also have a mandatory GPA you must maintain in order to remain an active member.

3. We are only here to find a rich husband.

Tell that to Katie Couric, Kate Spade and Condoleezza Rice. Sorority girls are just as ambitious as anyone else and actually tend to have higher overall GPAs than non-Greek people. Juggling a full course-load, extracurriculars and active sorority membership is a useful skill in the workforce where handling multiple responsibilities is crucial. This means most sorority girls are very good at time-management, one of the most important skills after graduation. 

4. There's a lot of drama.

Like with any group of people there is always potential for disagreements, but I am continually impressed by how little drama there is (and my sorority in particular has 80+ members in a pledge class). Sister supporting sisters may sound cliche, but it also could not be more true. None of us have time for all that drama, and assuming that because we are girls we must fight a lot is a misogynistic stereotype. 

5. We are fake.

The bonds I have with my sisters are some of the strongest I have ever had. We are there for each other through the good times and bad, and it has been amazing to see so many different girls come together in one house. I have personally seen girls helping their sister through a close death, as well as celebrate a senior for landing her dream internship. 

6. We haze.

Every sorority has national regulations that ban hazing, and chapters can get in serious trouble if they do haze. Hazing is terrible, but with sororities, it is pretty much nonexistent. 

Of course, there are always people who do fit these stereotypes, but it is such a small percentage of girls that it's unfair to judge entire chapters (or Greek life in general) based off of these cases. Next time you meet a girl involved with Greek life, ask her about their philanthropy or sisterhood, and you'll see for yourself how much more there is to sorority life than you expect. 

Lead Image Credit: Lily Taylor

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