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Aug 27 2015
by Lillian Diamond

6 Things I Learned Post-High School

By Lillian Diamond - Aug 27 2015

Here are a few things I learned from my summer of working and chilling and post-high school freedom that I plan on bringing with me to college.

1. Independence is a Gift

There is nothing more exhilarating than paying for concert tickets with your own money or taking road trips with your best friends. By being independent, confidence is gained and life happens because you're taking the chance. You, without any parents and sometimes without any friends, is taking the chance to be on your own. 

2. Patience is Key

Without it, I would have been fired from Chipotle weeks ago. It could have saved one of the closest friendships I had from high school, so lesson learned indeed.

3. Time is Relative

It takes my best friend three hours to get ready. Usually, in this time I’m getting food or taking a nap. Time is a human construct and we all have different interpretations of it.

4. Friendships Change Because People Do

We are not the same people that walked across the stage three months ago. We are not the same people that chose the college we are currently attending. We all change and so do the nature of our friendships. It’s a part of life that comes with growing up.

5. Trust Should Be Earned

There are people you should trust and there are people you shouldn’t. It takes time to know this so be an onion. Reveal yourself in layers that steadily grow your trust in someone.

6. You Are You, No One Else

The foundation of who we are is simply unique. Trying to accommodate other people's opinions of how you should act is tiresome and honestly fruitless. The individual is a prized quality of the universe, enjoy it.

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Lillian Diamond - Fordham University

Lillian Diamond is a junior at Fordham University, majoring in Communications with the hopes of understanding human behavior. She was a ski instructor and enjoys writing poetry, watching Netflix and people. She will one day backpack across South America and Europe. You can follow her on Instagram @lillyldiamond!

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