Every relationship is different. Couples do different things, work through problems how it works for them and communicate in seemingly complex ways. Every person is different, making the relationships that they participate in equally unique. But sometimes, despite previous hopes, things just don't work out.

College is an entirely different world than high school. And with that comes new challenges for everyone. One of theses signs probably isn't a big deal, but three? Maybe you should look into things. The ultimate question you should ask yourself is, "Is this relationship going to be healthy come fall if it continues?" Here are some things to consider when it comes down to bringing your relationship to the next level or letting it go. 

1. You're going to be far away from each other.

Sure, not everyone wants to follow your S.O. to college. In fact, numerous experts say you shouldn't. But are you across the country or just the state? That can make a big difference.

2. You don't have a set communication plan.

Are you set to be on a college sports team? Is there bad cell service and reception at one of your colleges? Are you not big "phone" people in the first place? If so, the upcoming fall separation may be more than you bargained for. 

People get busy in college. They grow and develop. It's only natural. But, with the piling activities and experiences, make sure that you have a set, and reasonable, plan for communication. If you don't talk or see each other, you may still like the person but it's not a relationship.

3. Do you even like this person? 

Is this relationship even worth worrying about? Do you even like this person? Are you in love or is it just a fling? Sometimes when couples are together for so long, they lose the love for each other. Better to look into this now than suffer later. 

4. You've already seriously thought about breaking up.

I cannot stress this enough: Trust your gut. If you've already put a lot of thought into the situation, weighed your pros and cons, decided it would be best to break up and then didn't, maybe you should. The heart what it wants, yet your brain should also have a say in the matter. 

5. Your mental health will suffer.

Think about yourself for a minute. You're still an individual with needs and wants and your mental health is extremely important. So, if the upcoming situation may negatively affect your mental health (either through stress, anxiety, depression, etc.) it may be best to take a deeper look into the situation.

6. You're easily jealous.

Being in a different state or town for a whole year isn't going to help with that. If you have problems trusting each other, the problem goes a lot deeper than the surface. There's a lot of new people and temptations in college. If you or your partner can't trust each other while in close-quarters, then separation through college will only exacerbate the issue. 

7. You argue or fight a lot.

The problems in your relationship aren't going to fix themselves just because you're away from each other. It's the close-up interactions that are most important. The rest is diversions from the big picture, how you truly work together. If you're always fighting and you're unhappy - consider ending the relationship as a whole before the extra stress of college. 

8. You feel college experience will suffer if you stay together.

No matter how close or in love you are, no one wants to be the thing that drags another down: especially if you truly love that person. If you think that being with your S.O will hurt the way of life and experience that you want for yourself - why are you with them? Why do you want to be?In general, it's good to think of others. But, it's also important to remember yourself. This is your life. Live every imperfect moment of it to the fullest.

Being in a relationship in college isn't the end of the world. Love is always something to be cherished. But the future is only so long. Live it for yourself. Weigh all your options at every opportunity. Have a conversation not only with your significant other but with yourself about what you want for your future. 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash