Life can be hard. College can be even harder. It all depends on how you handle it.

As a junior, sometimes I even forget things on this list—that I can't do everything and to put myself out there with new people. Balance can be daunting. It's easier to stick to the extremes, or spread ourselves thin. So, whether you're new or old, introverted or extroverted, here are some things to remember as the year drones on. 

1. Join a Club — but not every club.

Sometimes it can be tempting, but try to find what's best for you. Look over all your syllabi, class schedules and work schedules, to figure out how many outside-of-class activities is too much for yourself. Also—make sure to leave room for personal time.

2. Remember that you can't do everything. 

Again. I know it can be tempting. It may seem like everyone is doing more than you–but know that you also need to take care of yourself. That's the most important thing.

3. Don't stress out too much.

Going along with that—don't stress out too much. I know this is easier said than done, but really try to create safe spaces and healthy situations as you pack on the varied aspects of life throughout the semester. 

So, you canceled plans. You messed up on an assignment. Take a deep breath. Give yourself a break. You're only human. Try again next time. Remember to keep positive thoughts coming your way—even through dark times.

4. Put effort into yourself.

Treasure how you look and feel. Treat yourself! It you feel put-together, your confidence will boost and everything else will seem less scary. You got this!

5. Have fun!

College is about academics, but also expanding your world and independence.

Watch a movie. Hang out with friends. Leave time for yourself. Take a deep breath. And always see your university's counselor if you're having a really hard time or think that you need to see a professional. They're there to help you.

6. Don't let college parties take over your life.

There's so much more to college than that. Don't dim your sparkle because you can't get to class on time without your assignment because you were up partying. You are still there for school.

7. Put yourself out there.

In all types of relationships, you need to be available. Friendships and romantic relationships need support and dedication. So stand up tall, smile and say "hello." Go mingle and see what comes your way. 

Throughout college, it can be difficult to balance social life, school, and clubs. Some struggle with it more than others. But if you stick to the tips and reminders on this list, that's one more step in the right direction. 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash