Pillow - check. Pencils - check. Favorite jeans - check. 

Those heading to college this fall are already packing up their bags for move-in day and off on flights across the country towards higher education. Everyone has their essentials packed - the things at the front of your mind that you can't live without. But what about the things that aren't necessarily on your list?

When living on-campus in college, one sometimes feels as if they're re-buying their entire lives, and in the excitement, there may be some items you haven't thought to bring. Don't leave these things off your list! Here are 6 things you definitely need for college that you probably haven't thought of. 

1. Medications

Yeah, college students get sick, too.

Sure - prescription medications usually come automatically to those that use them, but over-the-counter medicine for colds and aches and pains maybe don't. You'll want them when your head hurts at 2 a.m. or you're sniffling before your 8 a.m.

2. A Step Stool

With a lofted bed, you can fit more things underneath, especially in that small space you probably have to share with one or more roommates. Just don't forget a way to get up there. It will get old to jump onto your high loft bed. Especially if someone else is with you. Not to mention when reaching for things high up in your closet!

3. An Extra Blanket

You're not always going to want to crawl into bed when cold. Make sure you back a comfy blanket for lounging around in your room, visiting a friend, and doing work at your desk. 

Keep your bed made and toes warm throughout the semester with this trick. You're welcome!

4. A Door Stop

The perfect way to meet new friends with people on your hall is to keep your options- and door open. 

Make sure to pick up a door stopper to keep your door and heart open to meeting new people and creating a community out of your college neighbors. You'll be with them for a while. Even decorate it with a cute accessory. 

Just make sure you or your roommate is in the room when it's open. Security is also cool.

5. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Roommates and neighbors can be loud. Walls are thin. Especially if you're susceptible to noises. People have parties and have people over. Make sure to keep them on hand.

6. Coffee Maker

Sure, there's wake-up juice in the dining hall. But you're probably going to want that morning cup of Joe as soon as you get out of bed - never mind getting changed, possibly showering, and trekking across campus. For those late studying nights before midterms and papers, you'll be reaching for a cup instead of your sneakers. 

Throughout your time in college, you'll be having a blast, but don't forget to be prepared. The goal of higher education is not only to educate yourself, but grow because of it. That also comes with a lot more stuff. Make sure you have these things to start off on the right foot - making memories and friendships to last a lifetime. 

Lead Image Credit: Pixabay