College is already hard enough with classes stacking up, extracurricular positions eating up even more space in your schedule, leaving only minor space for a social life. Tuition payments make your bank account's stomach growl and the last thing you want to do is spend $100 on a pair of leggings to work out in. 

Staying fit and healthy is now your own job, not depending on your parents to make you something other than a bag of chips for dinner. So (besides being extremely comfortable), workout clothes are on the shopping list. Here are some places that carry the ones that won't break your budget.

1. Old Navy

I was so surprised by this, but while buying a pair of jeans in there for the first time in years, I came across possibly the most gorgeous pair of leggings I have ever seen. I was shocked. 

They were cropped and high-waisted with an eye-catching blue leaf pattern and had black mesh sides on the calves. AND POCKETS!!! I hit the jackpot, in my mind, only spending $5. 

There are lots of cute styles to choose from and although some of the stuff I tried on was a miss in the athletic department, it really all depends on your body and what you're looking for. It's definitely worth a try. 

2. American Eagle / Aerie

Okay, maybe this isn't the store you think of first when it comes to leggings (though their bras are rising up in the ranks), but they're really not bad. I got a pair in desperation my senior year of high school because of a hole in my favorites from a pair of boots. They're comfortable and cheap with styles for every taste. And, with those bras from Aerie in the next aisle, the perfect workout outfit for the gym is closer to budget than you think.

3. Fabletics

No, this is not only because they have Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato as their spokeswomen (though that doesn't hurt the cause).

Sure, the membership fee ($45.95) is a bit out of reach for most students, but the first 2 pairs of leggings are $24 (that's only $12 each) and you don't have to purchase a membership!

I'd look into your budget and the Terms and Conditions of the cite, figuring out what works best for you and your finances, but it's definitely worth looking into.

4. Target

Well, because it's Target. What shouldn't you get there? With deals on Cartwheel and everyday quality and prices, it's a good deal. They're cheap, wearable and come in all different colors and styles. Pick up a few and some matching bras and call it a day. Maybe even pick up a movie and snack for after the gym. You know you want to.

But, the best part about Target is that they're all over the country, so wherever you're going this year, there's one you can stop by at. Call it your second home.

5. Kohl's

This place might be a little less convenient than Target, but the prices and quality are all the same, maybe even better. Kohl's carries more name-brand athletic gear for cheap prices, so you can get all the best styles for less. And, with every purchase, you acquire Kohl's Cash to spend on your next purchase (aka free money). 

6. Victoria's Secret

The companies associated and run by Victoria's Secret (Pink, Victoria Sport, etc.) have good athletic gear. There's a reason they arguably resurrected the leggings into popular society. But, sometimes they're expensive. The material is great, so it's only expected. 

But, with all of the sale and coupons and freebies that the company gives away, it's almost perfect. I have so many duffles, water bottle thermoses, backpacks, bras, underwear, perfume, and lipsticks that I got from buying bras there.

In the end, the thing that really matters is that you feel good about yourself and your budget. If workout clothes are really important to you, maybe take a few dollars away from something like your Spotify subscription or chip fund. If not, then buy ones that leave your budget with a little bit more wiggle room. Either way, your happiness and health are all that matters to us. These are just some tips to help you get there.

Lead Image Credit: Megan Holmes on Unsplash