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Jul 22 2015
by Leticia Isabel Reyes Gonzalez

Saying Goodbye to Your Old Life and Hello to Your New One

By Leticia Isabel Reyes Gonzalez - Jul 22 2015

We all know that college is one of the most thrilling stages of our life. Nevertheless, it is hard to remember that in just a couple of days, everything in our life will change entirely. Our home, pets, family and friends will all be far away from us and we will be surrounded by new friends and a new home. Here are some things that you can do as you transition from your old life to your new college life.

1. Don’t think too much about saying your goodbyes.

Saying goodbye to your loved ones might seem like the hardest thing to do, but when the time comes, you will likely realize that thinking about it was harder than actually doing it.

2. Enjoy the time you have left.

Instead of worrying about what will happen when you leave home and how much you mill miss your friends and family, go ahead and appreciate the time you have left with them.

3. Talk to your roommate.

For the next year, you will be living with your roommate. He or she will become the closest thing to a sibling in college. My advice is to talk to them and start to bond with them! You will feel much more glad and confident about college if you feel happy with your roommate.

4. Get excited.

Don’t only think about the hardest thing about going to college, which is leaving your current life behind. Get excited and start thinking about the magnificent time that’s ahead of you.

5. Socialize.

You will not see everyone you know very often after you leave for college so get moving and get to know new people! Once you get to college, try to meet as many people as you can. This will be the first step in starting your new college life.

6. Find what you love.

Once you get to know the people who will be sharing the next four years of your life with you, you will identify the ones who share similar interests with you and with whom you feel comfortable around. This will make you feel safe and adapted.

7. Get busy.

If you go to college and sit in your bed all afternoon thinking about your family, you will obviously get homesick. Find activities that suit your interests. This way instead of feeling homesick, you will start to understand that your university is your new home.

8. Get cozy.

Dorms are not exactly as comfy as your old home, but if you decorate and personalize them you will feel completely comfortable and cozy in your room, which will actually make you feel like you are home.

9. Remember your home.

Have things that will remind you of your home. This will help you when you are feeling homesick. Bring photos, personal articles, letters and anything else that might remind you of the people that you might miss. If you do this, missing home won't be a problem.

10. Get to know your new family!

The people that you meet in college will become your new family. You will look up to your friends and these will be the people that you will trust and see every day. I can assure you that after your winter break you will be glad to see your new family again because as you will be missing your family now, but you will be missing your new family later.

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Leticia Isabel Reyes Gonzalez - Northeastern University

Leticia Isabel Reyes Gonzalez is a motivated freshman at Northeastern University. She is majoring in Industrial Engineering. While in high school, she went to Stanford Summer Program in 2013 and was the president of the College Fair Committee of her high school. Follow her on Instagram as @letyisabelr!

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