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Sep 02 2015
by Leticia Isabel Reyes Gonzalez

Taking the Greatest Advantage of Your College Years

By Leticia Isabel Reyes Gonzalez - Sep 02 2015

There are a lot of people around the world who say that college is the best stage of someone’s life, that time in which you get to know yourself better than anyone else and mark the road that you want to take for your future. They also say that times goes by so fast, that you won’t even notice. That’s why I believe that when in college, you must value each and every minute of the most important years ahead of you.

It is now time for you to prepare to face the real world and its challenges. The biggest of them all will be growing not only academically, but also personally. Many of you may be asking yourselves, “How am I supposed to do that so fast? Answer is, that by engaging in activities of your interest, you will notice who you are and which path you desire to take for your future as a professional. The only thing that you need to remember is to never fear change. As we all know, engaging in various activities and keeping up with your college courses can be a little bit overwhelming. However, these are some recommendations that you can follow to make the most of your time at college.

The first thing to do is to say goodbye to introversion. This is your time to show the world who you really are and what you are capable of. You should get to know as much people as you can and get involved in all the activities that attract you. This will make your college experience much more valuable since you will not only be learning inside the classroom, but outside as well.

Second of all, you should get involved in activities that entangle the things that you enjoy to do. These can be community service, dancing, swimming or any activity that you are good at. By doing so, you will be able to demonstrate your full potential by doing what you love. Doing this type of activities will help you grow personally and additionally will enhance your resume which will be very helpful when looking for a job.

Also, you should be organized. If you plan all your activities ahead of time, you will be able to organize yourself and use your time wisely in order to accomplish all your commitments and responsibilities. In order to do this, you should have a weekly planner in which you will write and organize your obligations for the week.

Lastly, I would like to remark the fact that you should never be afraid of change. In college, you will find out that maybe what you once wanted to do, isn’t working out properly for you. It is OK to try something different from once in a while, as it is OK to change the road that you want to take for the future. Take risks, be friendly, and as you engage in activities that involve things that you love to do, try something different once in a while. You may be impressed of the outcomes.

By doing these things, you will find out that you will be learning a lot of new things from the people around you. You will find people that have much more in common with you than what you had thought. The only thing you need to do to take advantage of these years ahead, is to allow yourself to participate… do what you love, take risks and organize what you would like to do.

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Leticia Isabel Reyes Gonzalez - Northeastern University

Leticia Isabel Reyes Gonzalez is a motivated freshman at Northeastern University. She is majoring in Industrial Engineering. While in high school, she went to Stanford Summer Program in 2013 and was the president of the College Fair Committee of her high school. Follow her on Instagram as @letyisabelr!

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