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Jan 29 2016
by Leticia Isabel Reyes Gonzalez

6 Attainable Academic Goals To Set For This New Semester

By Leticia Isabel Reyes Gonzalez - Jan 29 2016

The fun and relaxing winter break has sadly come to an end, and we as college students have to put our feet back on the ground regarding our academic responsibilities. Setting academic goals to yourself can help you define what you want and find the path that you need to take to get there. Here are some academic goals that you can set yourself for this new semester and New Year!

1. Get at least a B- in your most difficult class.

We all have that one class each semester that we find the most difficult of all. Even though you might think it is almost impossible for you to do well in this class, remember that you can achieve anything you want with patience and determination.

2. Pay attention in all of your classes.

Sometimes we get distracted in lectures with our laptops, smartphones, or even with our friends that are sitting close from us. This semester, be determined to pay attention in all the classes you have. This will help you understand the material faster, which will make studying easier.

3. Do all of the homework, even if it is not mandatory.

Homework is your opportunity to test yourself and see if you are not falling behind in your classes. Even if you understand the material seen in class, not doing you homework will deprive you from the practice you need in order to be successful academically.

4. Go to your professor’s office hours.

Professors are here to help you, but it is your choice if you want to look for their help or not. If you have a question that wasn’t cleared out in class, go to your professor’s office hours! It will help you understand the material in a better way and will show him or her that you have interest in the class.

5. Do every assignment at least 3 days before it is due.

Writing a paper or a lab report the night before it is due is never a good idea. If you want your assignments to have quality and allow you to get good grades you have to organize yourself and do them with anticipation, without being pressured for time.
6. Study for tests with anticipation.

Start studying for your tests some days before your exam. This will allow you to study short amounts of information per day, which will make you analyze it and comprehend it more.

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Leticia Isabel Reyes Gonzalez - Northeastern University

Leticia Isabel Reyes Gonzalez is a motivated freshman at Northeastern University. She is majoring in Industrial Engineering. While in high school, she went to Stanford Summer Program in 2013 and was the president of the College Fair Committee of her high school. Follow her on Instagram as @letyisabelr!

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