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Sep 13 2015
by Leticia Isabel Reyes Gonzalez

5 Things to Do Your First Weeks in College

By Leticia Isabel Reyes Gonzalez - Sep 13 2015

Your first weeks in college are almost vital for you. On these days, you will make most of your friends whom you will be hanging with through your college years and beyond and you will be getting adapted to your college campus, your new home for the next four years. Here are some tips for you to do on your first weeks of college.

1. Be Open

In order to make friends you have to be open and friendly with people. Trying to talk about common things like what their majors are or what dorm people live in can start conversations that could develop into a long lasting friendship.

2. Walk Around Campus

Walking around campus will help you because it will make you feel more familiarized with the place you will be studying and most likely living. As you knew every part of you house back home, you should know every part of your campus. This can make you feel home.

3. Introduce yourself to your professors

Sometimes you will have very large classes and it is important for you that your professors know who you are and that you are interested in their class. Introducing yourself to them will give them a great impression of you.

4. Take notes in class

College courses can sometimes be overwhelming and extremely difficult. In order to keep up with that I recommend that you take notes in every class. This will help you remember what you learned and will ensure that you are paying attention on every class.

5. Balance your social and academic life

College is not only about having straight A’s. Go out with your friends, meet new people or join a club. Once in a while, get out of the library and explore all the opportunities that college has for you.

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Leticia Isabel Reyes Gonzalez - Northeastern University

Leticia Isabel Reyes Gonzalez is a motivated freshman at Northeastern University. She is majoring in Industrial Engineering. While in high school, she went to Stanford Summer Program in 2013 and was the president of the College Fair Committee of her high school. Follow her on Instagram as @letyisabelr!

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