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Sep 12 2017
by Lena Kaisy

9 Ways To Waste Time On A Long Flight Trip

By Lena Kaisy - Sep 12 2017

Traveling is for sure a blessing.  But maybe not if you're stuck spending 12 or 16 hours on an airplane with funny smells and cheap food. Long trips are a pain, and complaining about it will definitely not make it any better.

However, since you're stuck in this small space, you might as well be smart about how you spend your time — to be precise, how you WASTE your time. In this situation, wasting time is not a sin at all! Thus, here are nine tips on how to waste your time on a long flight.  

1. Make new friends.


Sitting in the middle of two people or just unfamiliar with those around you? No big deal, just embrace the opportunity to make new friends. Get to know the person next to you! You're sharing the same air with them, so you might as well get to know them. Ask them questions to get the conversation started, like, "What movie do you think I should watch?" Such simple questions are sometimes enough to guide both parties into forming a conversation and waste their time. One topic leads to the other, and there's no harm in a good conversation.

2. Watch a movie.


Catch up on all the movies you ever wanted to watch but never had the time to. Watch the movies that recently hit the box office, or even throwback movies that never get old, like Mean Girls, The Hunger Games and Frozen. There are endless options to choose from, so waste your time exploring different film genres.

3. Catch up with your TV shows.


In love with Netflix and its addictive series options? Well, you can indulge in your addiction by downloading the episodes before you get on the plane. Then, as you sit in those tight, small chairs, start catching up with all the episodes you've missed.  

If you're not a Netflix fan, there's always the classic: Friends! All Friends episodes and series are offered. And I mean, who would say no to Joey's sarcasm or Phoebe's sassiness and style? And time sure passes by fast when spent laughing.

4. Listen to some music.


Tired of all the babies whining and old people snoring? Put your headphones on, and watch all the disturbances disappear. Usually, long airplane trips accommodate their passengers' needs and comfort. Thus, there are various music albums from The Abbas, to classical jazz music, to even Taylor Swift and Coldplay. Just listen and let the beat of the songs lead to day dreaming. Music helps time pass by fast, especially when accompanied with floating ideas and dreams.

5. Star gaze.


Always wanted to experience star gazing? Well, when on a 12-hour flight with constant time and sky lapse, star gazing when the plane goes through the night is for sure breathtaking! Just look out of the window and embrace the vast, open, dark space covered with all the stars that we never get to see in the city or your hometown.

6. Draw.


If you're good at drawing, or just a fan of doodling, spend your time sketching the most random shapes, objects or faces. It's fun and helps shift your focus from the time. 

7. Discover the 3D map.


Usually, this technology is installed into the plane's screens, which allows the person to navigate their journey and how much time or distance is left until they arrive at their destination. It allows passengers to pinpoint the plane's direction through an eagle's eye or hawk. It also shows which continents are entering daylight, and those who are preparing to fall asleep. Watching all these features and more helps make the trip feel less long. But my advice would be to use this strategy of wasting time when there are only four hours left, since seeing the exact amount of time until you arrive at your destination right from the start doesn't exactly make it easy for your already anxious emotions.

8. Embrace nature.


You might be stuck in an elongated metal object for the next 14 hours, but that doesn't mean nature around you is stock-still, too. Observe the different cloud shapes, white and blue shades or even the sunsets.  It truly leaves you speechless and at ease with those hours left.

9. Sleep.


The typical advice, of course, is to take a nap and catch up on all those sleepless nights that college's endless work has given you.  Sleeping calms you down and is the most efficient when it comes to wasting time.

Sitting on those small and ridiculously uncomfortable "cushioned" airplane chairs is a headache and a nightmare for those traveling long distances. However, if you're traveling for eight hours or more to get to your university, or whatever destination, make sure to spend them right. You don't always get advised to waste your time, so just enjoy it!

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash

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Lena Kaisy - Rhode Island School of Design

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