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Jan 30 2018
by Lena Kaisy

5 Universities That Offer A Pole Dancing Club

By Lena Kaisy - Jan 30 2018

Want to join a new club, dance team or just find a way to relieve yourself from stress? Well, here’s a list of five universities that offer a special sport option for you: pole dancing.

1. Cambridge University

This university offers “pole-fitness” sessions that are advertised only for women. No need for any previous experience. Just get fit, have fun and prepare yourself for being stress-relieved.

2. Plymouth University

Another university located in the U.K. which established its pole dancing club for staff and students in 2006. All lessons are taught by professional pole dancers and it only costs £6. So I say we all head to the U.K. now and get our stress-free life.

3. UCLU (University College London Union)

Anyone a part of the UCLU is invited to this sport society. The club is affiliated with London Academy of Dance and offers affordable prices for students. Not only are they specialized in this sport spectrum, but also a sense of humanity. According to their website, UCLU signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.

4. Brown University

Go Poler Bears! The only Ivy League that offers pole dancing in the U.S., the club is open for both sister colleges Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University students. Its members sure know how to have fun, as well as take their sport seriously, dedicating four to six hours of their time to this team each week.

5. Glasgow University

Another U.K. university on this list, Glasgow offers various shows, dazzling the audience with strength adequacy and dance styles.

I’ve got to say, U.K. universities are hitting hard in this list! Pole Fitness is a sport, not just a sexual tool. It’s a mixture of dance, gymnastics, endurance, strength and acrobats, and that’s something that most people don’t know about it. So don’t fear heading to those poles and getting your upper body strengthened or just simply having fun. It’s a sport with a little sense of character in it. All you need is a positive spirit and, apparently, a ticket to the U.K.!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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Lena Kaisy - Rhode Island School of Design

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