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Feb 11 2018
by Lena Kaisy

5 Universities That Have Belly Dancing Clubs And Classes

By Lena Kaisy - Feb 11 2018

As we live in the 21st century, the art of dancing and its appreciation has expanded to include other forms of dance styles and culture. This expansion is evident in the clubs being formed by students at their universities as they choose to express an ancient Middle Eastern art, Belly Dancing. Here are five universities that offer students a chance to shake their bodies and just have fun with Belly Dancing clubs.

1. McMaster University

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, this university encourages acitivities that involve human interactions and body movements. Since dancing falls under that interest, it is no surprise to see that the school offers various dance classes from ballet to ballroom to Belly Dancing. It offers belly dancing classes for beginners and encourages it strongly. In fact, during Spring term, Belly Dancing is offered for all levels and is one of the few dance styles that the school continues to offer classes for in each term.

2. Northeastern University

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, this private university has a whole club just for Belly Dancing. According to its Facebook page, classes take place on Mondays at 5 p.m. Its group members are enthusiastic, as well as serious about running this club in which specific playlists are shared on its Facebook page in order to allow its members and non-contributors a chance to practice their belly dancing skills. These girls continuously meet in their Curry Studio and sure manage to have fun in every single class held.

3. Carthage College

Located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this liberal arts college offers a Belly Dancing club for those who wish to have fun and shake it off. As their website describes, “Drawing on inspiration from Arabic, Latin, and modern music and moves, the members choreograph and teach dances to new members that are performed throughout the year.” Their club is a success and is taken seriously as they perform at events such as the Student Spotlight, Habitat for Humanity Benefit Concert and the Nica-Agia Benefit Concert. Even though they perform in such great concerts, previous knowledge about Belly Dancing is not required, all you have to do is join their meetings held in dance studio Room 2235 (in the TARC), two times a week. At the end, it’s all about commitment and, of course, just having fun while doing it.

4. The Open University

Located in the U.K., this research university holds Belly Dancing clubs on Wednesdays from noon to 1 p.m. for all beginners, as they state in their website, “Our classes are suitable for all ladies, particularly for beginners, that want to enjoy learning the exotic and interesting oriental dance and that want to improve flexibility, coordination, concentration, balance, fitness and sensuality.”

5. Columbia University

Located in upper Manhattan, this Ivy League school founded a Belly Dancing club in 2007 that’s interested in exploring Belly Dancing’s ancient art form, and sharing it with their fellow students. According to its website, “the club has become a key player in the University’s dance community. CU Bellydance performs traditional Egyptian, Turkish, American Cabaret, and Tribal Fusion styles.” It’s always great watching Ivy League schools being inclusive in their culture explorations through various activities and clubs held.

Belly Dancing might be a form of dance connected mainly to Middle Eastern ancient forms of art and activities, but nowadays it definitely is a form of dance explored and shared by people with modern minds and open hearts to share their personal experience and passion for Belly Dancing. It’s always great watching people get out of their comfort zone or culture, and seeing them attempt different expressions performed by different cultures.

Lead Image Credit: Pixabay

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Lena Kaisy - Rhode Island School of Design

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