Admit it, we’ve all been a third wheel at some point in our lives — the third wheel in your friends’ relationship or even the millionth wheel in a public restaurant full with couples. It’s a common phenomenon that people often feel embarrassed or insecure about. But honestly, it’s an advantage and a life saver for you. Here are 10 benefits of being a third wheeler.

1. Your stuff is all yours.

“Sharing is caring” is not for those of us third wheeling. While couples love sharing every single moment, food and object with each other, you get to enjoy all the pleasure in life to the fullest, without having to share your candy bar or even cut that extra cheese pizza in half. 

2. You don't need to announce your relationship status.

No need to think about a smooth way to send that message out, it’s clear as sunlight. You’re single!

3. You can learn from their mistakes.

Spending your time with a couple, especially if they are your best friends now, probably means you will be hanging out with them 24/7, which also means you’ll be witnessing their ups and downs. That’s actually a plus. If you've never been in a relationship before, this will guide you into the do’s and don’ts when you are. Their “oops” could save you from falling into the same mistakes with your future partner, saving you time of looking for relationship advice from others. You know what breaks a relationship or keeps it together.

4. It requires less thinking.

Going out for dinner? No problem, just wear your own favorite shirt, dress or whatever makes you feel good about yourself. No need to worry about fascinating your special one or wearing THEIR favorite look. Being single means less over-thinking about what your other half might think about your outfit.

5. You'll learn to love yourself.

Since physical appearance isn’t a concern, you’ll learn to love yourself. No need for someone to play with your hair, compliment your eyes or even hold you. You can simply learn to love yourself on your own, without waiting for those around you to appreciate how you look. Praise yourself. Loving yourself will even make you more attractive. People love confidence and feel attracted to those certain about their inner and outer look. Just show them who you are and forget the fact that you’re the only single person in the house.

6. No Drama

As much as people love to say that girls are “drama queens “and “complicated," trust me, it's a whole other world for guys that fall under these descriptions. When it comes to their girlfriends, they are overprotective, sometimes to the extent where it feels like they’re building fire walls around her, threatening a single breath of a guy from coming near her. Well, guess what? Third wheels don’t have to worry about that.

So get out of that shell you’re hiding in and enjoy the fact that you can flirt with whoever you want. Embrace the amount of compliments and flirts you’ll get, without even having to deal with drama. So, choose one, two, three or whatever number of people you want to hang out with. You’re free, and so are your choices.

7. More Friends

Why have one when you can have two? Hanging out with a couple means both sides will likely friendzone you. That’s not a bad thing at all, because they become the people you trust and ask for guidance from. Having you considered a “friend” means less complications in their treatment of and behavior towards you. Which means they’ll give you emotional support as well as comfort. You can simply be yourself without over-thinking and planning your thoughts because they’re simply your friends.

8. You will become a relationship psychologist.

Let’s face it, relationships are not as perfect as they are in the movies. The fate of the couple depends on how far they have made it through this relationship, and sometimes it falls on the shoulder of the third wheel to save it.

Having both sides come up to you with their concerns usually requires advice or a response from you. Thus, giving advice to all those varying “couple problems” will make you skilled at giving relationship advice. But of course, you can’t really ensure that you’ll be as good at relationship resolutions for your own relationships as you are for others. I guess that’s what makes us the single friend who knows how to give relationship advice, but fails to be in a relationship.

9. It will teach you how to calm down.

Listening to both sides' stories and their complaints about each other will definitely test your patience to cope with drama not once, but twice. But those skills will for sure teach you how to calm yourself when facing dilemmas in the future. You'll learn how to stay silent, relax and just listen to the other side until they’re done pouring it all out, then, you’ll respond with probably a clever answer that’ll help improve the relationship instead of pushing it completely under the bus.

10. You'll save your money.

Going out for lunch, dinner or even the movies? No problem. You don’t have to worry about having to be generous or a gentleman. Every time you go out by yourself, you only have to pay for one person. Thank your single life, because you just saved a fortune with that. 

Being a third wheel might be an issue that's been haunting you for years or created some of your most awkward moments. But think about it, after all those benefits, do you still consider it a bad thing? Enjoy your single life, because it sure offered you a bunch of benefits and blessings.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels