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Nov 13 2017
by Leanne Yuen

10 Cool Classes You Can Take At UC Irvine

By Leanne Yuen - Nov 13 2017

At the University of California - Irvine (UCI), opportunities to explore your passions abound. There seems to be an infinite amount of student organizations, extracurricular activities and enrichment programs dedicated to helping Anteaters develop their interests and gain new perspectives, but this can be done without even leaving the classroom! Spice up your class schedule for quarters to come, and check out these ten cool classes that UCI has to offer.

1. World of Coffee

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But first, coffee. For all the caffeine-loving Anteaters out there, UC Irvine offers a class on the production, consumption and influence of coffee. From the drink's centuries-old history to its immense international impact, this class will foster a newfound appreciation and understanding of coffee.

2. The Black Protest Tradition

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The Black Lives Matter movement has been dominating social media feeds and newspaper headlines for the past several years, but black resistance in America can trace its roots back much deeper. This class examines the course of black protest from colonial slavery to present-day issues, with additional elaboration on complex identity politics in the twenty-first century.

3. Modern Pleasures

Categorized under Gender & Sexuality studies, the description of this class on UCI's General Catalogue is perhaps purposely vague. According to the Catalogue, students will examine the "theory and history of pleasure" through the lens of "academic disciplines as well as social and cultural processes."

4. Politics of Animal Rights

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Not just for vegans and pet-lovers, this class examines the efforts of the animal rights movement to improve the treatment and standing of animals in the U.S. It also intersects the animal rights movement with other historical movements and social issues.

5. Age of the Samurai

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While the course name sounds like the title of a dramatic movie, the content of the course offers much more. Students learn about the aristocratic tradition, military values, economy and culture of indigenous Japan.

6. What to Eat? Immigrants and the Development of American Cuisines

Wikimedia Commons

Calling all foodies! This course examines the impact that immigrants and racial minorities have made on the diverse American foodscape, culture and economy. 

7. Introduction to Biblical Greek

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This is a quintessential "Why not?" class that embodies the college spirit perfectly. Biblical Greek may not have many practical uses to its name, but when will you ever have another opportunity to study it? Who knows, perhaps learning how to read and interpret biblical Greek will lead you to discoveries that change your life.

8. Computer Games and Society

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Given UCI's esport culture, it's no surprise that students can take classes about computer games and even earn a degree in computer game science. This introductory course gives a basic and holistic look at computer games and how they relate to society, with an emphasis on the "historical and cultural context" of games.

9. Changing the High School Experience

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High school can be a rough journey for everyone, but certain socioeconomic issues create additional disadvantages for some students. This course for education majors examines problems in the American high school system and discusses possible reforms.

10. What is Time?

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It's a question we've all asked, but have never found a satisfactory answer. This course for Campuswide Honors students takes an interdisciplinary approach to try and understand the concept of time. Prepare to have your mind blown!

These ten courses are merely a sample of the many interesting classes offered at UC Irvine, and a browse through the UCI General Catalogue will provide even more information on the courses you can take. College is all about reaching out and exploring the world around you so take advantage of the plethora of opportunities before you. Happy course hunting!

Lead Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Leanne Yuen - University of California, Irvine

Leanne is a sophomore studying literary journalism at the University of California, Irvine. She is originally from San Francisco, and enjoys watching baseball and exploring all that Orange County has to offer.

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