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Jul 07 2016
by Leah Moss

Why New Adult Novels Are Important for College Students

By Leah Moss - Jul 07 2016

Last month, I wrote an article titled, "7 'New Adult' Books You Need to Read Before Your Freshman Year." Since the publication of that article, I've had friends ask me what new adult (NA) novels are, and if they're really as important as I think that they are. In response, I've decided to write this article to further explain and define this genre of literature.

New adult fiction can be seen as the stepping stone between young adult (YA) fiction and adult fiction. Featuring characters in the age range of 18-25, new adult novels typically focus on experiences in college or just after college, such as getting a job.  The genre is often seen as a relatable genre for those just outside of the age range of YA novels. The relatable content is part of why this genre is so important.

In all genres of literary fiction, relatable content is a vital part of what makes a novel successful. Even in foreign fantasy lands and futuristic societies, it's often the characters and their relatable experiences that compel the reader to finish the book. 

Abigail Strom, author of RIKKI and CLAIRE of the Hart University series, told me in an email that, "New adult novels are important for college students because so many of us feel alone when we make the transition from living at home to living at college. Even when we're surrounded by other students, we can still feel alone. Reading is one way to know we're NOT alone- that others are going through the same things we're going through." 

Hopefully you'll go and pick up a new adult novel this summer! There are plenty to choose from, and they'll help you feel better prepared for the new challenges you'll face in college. Happy reading!

Lead Image Credit: Quattrostagioni via Flickr Creative Commons

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Leah Moss - Lake Forest College

Leah is a student at Lake Forest College, planning on double majoring in English and Communications, with a minor in Print and Digital Publishing. She's a book nerd who loves to read and write, and a lover of all things creative, innovative, and interesting. You'll most likely find her curled up with a good book, or clutching her precious laptop as she prepares to write.

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