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Jun 30 2016
by Leah Moss

6 Ways to Make The Most of Your Last Summer Before College

By Leah Moss - Jun 30 2016
It's finally here. The dreaded final summer before you leave for college. This is the summer of goodbyes, as you and the friends you've made over the years part ways for different schools across the nation. Despite the inevitable farewells at the end of the summer, your final summer does not have to be a sad experience. In fact, it can be one of the best times of your life. Here are some ways that you can make the best of your final summer before college. 

1. Explore your hometown.

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Even though you're about to leave it in a few months, take some time to explore the streets of your town. There's often so much more to be discovered, such as cute antique stores, comic book shops or restaurants serving up the most delicious food. While discovering great features about your town might make you even more homesick while you're away, at least you'll have something to look forward to!

2. Learn the essential skills.

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Knowing how to do your own laundry, basic cooking and how to advocate for yourself are important things to learn as you prepare distance yourself from your parents and start to live your own life. You won't be able to lean on your parents to clean your clothes or talk to a teacher on your behalf. Start now, by emailing your own professors, cooking your own simple meals, and washing and drying your own clothes. It'll be a chore, but you'll thank yourself in the fall.

3. Run a fun 5k.

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Every summer we see a plethora of unique marathons. From The Color Run to The Glow Run, there are so many interesting races to run. The best part is that many aren't timed. They're all about the fun of the run itself, with many featuring themed areas of music or cool lights. It's also a great way to get in some good exercise this summer. Grab a friend and run!

4. Reflect.

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You just finished four years of high school, and there are bound to be things that you feel didn't go the way they should have. Take the time to reflect of what went wrong (and also what went right) and consider making changes that can help you avoid those things in college. For example, if you always forgot about assignments in high school, consider using a planner or planner app to stay focused. College is a great chance to change things about yourself academically, but you have to recognize the weaknesses first!

5. Do some summer reading.

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Once school starts, you might not be able to find time to sit back and read a novel. Now is the time to scour the shelves of a bookstore or library and find some great new reads! New Adult novels are always a great choice, especially since the genre is directed toward college-aged people! You can find some great suggestions here!

6. Make plans.

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With the sudden stress and strain that college can bring about in the fall, it's best to make some of your more important plans now, so that they won't hit you hard while you're still adjusting. Make plans for things such as staying on campus over Thanksgiving Break, keeping in contact with friends and family and if you'll be working on or off campus. This will help you cut back on stress in the fall, and feel more at ease over the summer! 

Hopefully you'll take some of these ideas to heart and make the most of your final summer before college. Take action! The time is now!

Lead Image Credit: Jody Claborn via Flickr Creative Commons

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Leah Moss - Lake Forest College

Leah is a student at Lake Forest College, planning on double majoring in English and Communications, with a minor in Print and Digital Publishing. She's a book nerd who loves to read and write, and a lover of all things creative, innovative, and interesting. You'll most likely find her curled up with a good book, or clutching her precious laptop as she prepares to write.

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