It's move-in season! In late August and early September, students at many universities begin their college careers and move into their dorms. There are so many types of people that you'll meet at college. Here are a few examples of people, represented by some yummy Starbucks drinks!

1. "The Acquaintance" as a a Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccinoème-frappuccino-blended-crème

Relatively plain and timeless, the vanilla bean frappuccino perfectly represents the acquaintances that you'll make at college. While these people might not become your best friend, you can always trust them to lend you a pen, or to start a conversation with you. 

2. "The Friendly Roommate" as a S'mores Frappuccinoème-frappuccino

Tried and true, and so very sweet, this drink perfectly represents your ideal roommate. With various layers that you'll gradually uncover as the year goes on (like the layers of the drink you'll discover as you sip), the roommate might just become your new best friend. 

3. "The Fun Person" as the Strawberry Smoothie

Just like this delicious, brightly colored smoothie, this person is bound to be an instant hit. With a magnetic personality and humor for days, you can't help but want to hang around the most fun person on campus.

4. "The Wise Upperclassman" as the Dark Roast Coffee

The upperclassmen, wise and knowledgable in both their majors and the campus itself, are just as bold and robust as a classic Dark Roast coffee. You can always trust them for good advice from a knowledgable source.

5. "Your New Best Friend" as the Shaken Iced Black Tea Lemonade

Instantly refreshing and easily lovable, this drink is just like the new best friend you'll meet in college. You'll feel right at home with them, and you'll always know that you have a great friend on campus. 

6. "The Sassy Friend" as the Chai Latte

Spicy and sweet at the same time, your sassiest friend is best represented by this latte. This friend is probably know for sass-levels beyond comprehension and tons of witty comebacks that have you cracking up. Everyone needs a sassy friend!

7. "Your RA" as the Hot Chocolate

Warm and inviting, this drink is just like your RA. You probably drank hot chocolate as a child after a cold day to feel better, and if you ever have a problem, talking to your RA might make you feel better too. They're there to help you and your peers. 

There are plenty more types of people that you'll meet at college. Don't worry too much about categorizing people; everyone is unique and has cool things to offer to the college experience. Just be yourself, have fun, and enjoy your new college adventure!

Photo Credit: Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine