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Jul 12 2016
by Leah Moss

7 Tips to Throw the Best Trunk Party Ever

By Leah Moss - Jul 12 2016

It's trunk party season! For those of you who don't know, a trunk party is a party for college-bound students in which the guests give college essential gifts to the student. With college starting very soon, it's time to start planning out your trunk party if you haven't already. Here are some essential tips for planning your trunk party that will help it be the best party ever!

1. Choose A Time and Place

This is possibly the most important tip there is! You can't have your party without a date and time! Be sure to consult your own schedule and your parent's schedule to choose the best date. Also, be considerate of your guest's schedules. Evenings on weekends often work best, as most people will be off work. When it comes to the location, there are a million different options. You could have it at home or at a rented location. 

2. Create A Gift Registry 

Don't make your guests guess about what to buy you! Create a gift registry at your favorite store full of the gifts you want. Be sure to consider the prices of your items. If you keep the prices low, your guests might buy more multiple smaller items for you. That being said, feel free to also add a few pricier items, like bedding or luggage. Even if no one buys if for you, it'll still be on your list of things to buy for yourself, so that you won't forget about it!

Alternatively, you could request that your guests bring gift cards, like from Amazon or Starbucks. They're easy to acquire, and ensure that you can buy exactly what you want, in the right colors! 

3. Consider Your Guests

Some people feel more comfortable inviting only their family members, while others prefer to invite only friends or a combination of both. It's your party, so invite who you want! Just make sure that everyone gets along well. You don't want any conflict!

4. Plan The Food

Let's face it. A party just isn't a party without some tasty food for the guests! Check your local grocery store for party trays of fresh fruit or combos of deli meat, cheese, and crackers. You can't go wrong with simple finger food!  Alternatively, you could cater, or have your guests bring their favorite foods to share. It's up to you!

5. Blast Your Tunes

Hook up your phone or laptop to a speaker, and play some music during your party. Make sure you choose songs that everyone will love. Popular songs on the radio, or timeless classic songs are always a great choice. 

6. Plan The Activities

Decide if you want to have any special activities during your party. There are plenty of fun options for trunk party activities, such as having guests write handwritten messages for the graduate in a scrapbook, or even just playing board games! Even if you don't plan any specific activities or games, it's bound to be a fun event of socialization!

7. Don't Forget The "Thank You" Notes

The last thing you want is to seem ungrateful for the gifts and cards you may have received at your party! Be sure to follow up with a heartfelt "Thank You" card sent out to your guests. Check out this pack of fun thank you notes for only $12.99.

If you take these tips to heart, you're bound to have a great party! Have fun at your trunk party, and get ready for college!

Lead Image Credit: Leah Moss

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Leah Moss - Lake Forest College

Leah is a student at Lake Forest College, planning on double majoring in English and Communications, with a minor in Print and Digital Publishing. She's a book nerd who loves to read and write, and a lover of all things creative, innovative, and interesting. You'll most likely find her curled up with a good book, or clutching her precious laptop as she prepares to write.

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